December 31, 2010


This upcoming month's topic at SFTIO is Reflection. After seeing the sneak peek, I started to think back on this year, two thousand ten.  I thought on this day, the last day of 2010, before I start looking forward to all of the opportunities in the brand new year, I would share with you some of the best (and worst) happenings/memories of my 2010, as shared here on my blog.

I have to say, that as much as it means I'm somewhat "bashing" The Hubs, this video was one of my all-time favorites that I found this year.  It so perfectly describes how he acts when green vegetables are in front of him.  But I also have to mention that the Lady Gaga Acapella Dudes (they won on a show recently, I think) topped my list of favorite videos as well.

My favorite accomplishment this year?  Finishing my scrapbook room.  I didn't use it nearly as much as I had hoped, but I was down there much more frequently than when I just had a little corner of my bedroom to use.  I still love it!

2010 was a "year of numbers" for me.  I turned forty, celebrated my fifteen-year anniversary at my job and The Hubs and I marked our 10-year anniversary.  And all of that happened within a 17-day time period!!

Somewhere in there, I participated in a blog hop that was all about me, was enslaved by a new book series, walked a 5k (again) and had time to catch a flick at the theater... or two, actually.  I even started a new craft obsession by taking a quilting class!  (No, I haven't finished the quilt... just the top, as seen on my blog... grrr!) 

I participated more in SFTIO's challenges, espeically the month of nostalgia.  And I took a few online classes, one of which was a gift to me by someone who remains anonymous but nevertheless is very kind, generous and sweet. 

We learned that I have a quirk about drinking things, and a quirk about Christmas trees, and that I emphatically believe that I am Stan (from South Park) when it comes to Facebook, although I admit I'm on it quite often nowadays.  I guess I caved to the pressure.  But I still wholeheartedly believe in real mail, and I'm not alone!

Nature was a bit part of my world, from these flowers The Hubs gave to me, to these plants that were or weren't blooming at the right time.  Oh, and remember that walk you went on with me?  That's one of my very favorite memories!

I was a winner, thanks to my dad and enjoyed some family time on top of it all with a quick visit with one of my sisters and a great, but fast, trip "home" on my own.  Alone time can be refreshing.  I played with my new camera and attempted some shots I'd never done before, and learned a few things in the process.

And even though The Hubs got really sick and we're very sad about the condition of our cocker spaniel, we know that things will work out just the way they should in the end.  After all, if there were no rain, there'd be no flowers.  So I will move through these hardships knowing that they are happening for a reason and all will "work out" in the end.  Even if someone we know and love likes to play dirty tricks on me.

Ah, despite the hardship of the past few months, this year really has been full of blessings and fun.  I need to get some photos developed quick so I can do some layouts on Reflection.  How about you?  Are you thinking back at all?  Or just thinking forward to 2011?


  1. How can so much happen in 12 little months?! They say that what doesn't break you makes you stronger and it seems that despite the darker parts of the year, you have managed to end on a bright note.
    Hope 2011 is kind to you!

  2. I know it was a tough year for you Kai, but when you did the reflection, weren't you surprised at how many bright spots there were as well?


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