January 25, 2010

It's YUCKY!!

Just wanted to share a little tidbit about the Hubs...

He is a man who doesn't eat green foods.  I think there are many men like this out there, but I've never met one So Opposed to green things on his plate.  To the extent that when I add chives to my mashed potatoes, he (at first) questioned it and gingerly picked them out (he eats them now).  To be fair, he will eat a salad... defined as iceburg lettuce, onion, carrots, cucumbers and cheese... slathered in Thousand Island dressing.  Once... maybe twice, I got him to eat broccoli, but it was slathered in cheese sauce.  But, well... that's about it.  There's no "five servings a day" in this man's life.

I often wonder what caused this in him.  Is it because he grew up in the military and never had decent, fresh veggies to taste?  I grew up in a home that was surrounded by gardens. I would run over to my neighbor's very abundant garden and eat raw green beans by the handfuls.  Warmed only by the sun.  YUM!  To this day, I still love eating fresh, raw green beans (or wax/yellow beans).  My husband tried one once and I think his face turned green.

Then I thought, maybe something traumatic happened to him.  Was he trapped in a vegetable cellar surrounded by broccoli, green beans and peas?  Was he the unfortunate victim of a veggie food fight as a child? 

What could it be?

Then I saw it.  I saw The Instance when he became violently opposed to green vegetables.  It had to be him!

Except he's not blonde (he has black hair)...

And he's not little (anymore)...

Oh... and he's not a little girl...

But it's HIM! It really IS!





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