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Fall Down 5 Times, Get Up 6!

I started my "real" fitness journey in June 2010.  In the beginning, I was feeling very motivated, very successful and very pleased with my progress.  Then, The Hubs got sick, my dog was diagnosed with cancer, and Life "hit". 

My progress stalled.  What I would like to do now is enlist the support of my friends online...if you will indulge me a little, as my support network, my cheerleaders and my keep-me-on-the-straight-and-narrow helpers.  I'll link my fitness related posts here, as well as some other blogs and sites that I find inspiring.  I hope you will share your journey, if you are on one, as well as support me in mine.  Thanks for visiting this piece of me!


To Date:        Total Pounds Lost:  32     Total Inches Lost:  24.63
6/14/2012       Pounds Lost: 3       Inches GAINED:  5
*** rough patch***
9/7/2011         Pounds Lost: 6.4    Inches Lost: 3.5
6/23/2011:      Pounds Lost: 1.6    Inches Lost: NM
5/16/2011:      Pounds Lost:  0.8   Inches Lost:  4.26
3/25/2011:      Pounds Lost: 0.6    Inches Lost:  NM
1/3/2011:        Pounds Lost: NM    Inches Lost:  1.25
12/22/2010:   Pounds  Lost: NM    Inches Lost:  4.5
10/18/2010:   Pounds Lost:  7.6    Inches Lost:  6.5
8/24/2010:     Pounds Lost:  6       Inches Lost:  9.63 (since 6/22)
7/6/2010:       Pounds Lost:  6       Inches Lost:  NM (Not Measured)
The Beginning:  6/22/2010


The Beginning: 

The Journey: 

  • First Ourselves - what a great place to find motivation to lose weight, get healthy and heal from the inside out.  Great tips on how to beat emotional eating with words of wisdom on body image, diet, overeating, sugar and weight loss. 
  • My Fitness Pal - where I have been hanging out lately, watching more carefully (sometimes) what I'm putting into my mouth and tracking my exercise goals.

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