October 11, 2010


Random fact about me. I rarely drink the dredges of a beverage.

What does this mean? It means that most everything I drink, with one or two exceptions, there will always be a swallow or two left at the bottom of the glass, can, bottle or whatever container from which I’m drinking.

Case in point: Tea. I love my tea. I love iced tea. I love hot tea. My iced tea has to be black tea, unsweetened and unflavored. My hot tea has to be sweet… really sweet… and can be plain or flavored and I’ll drink black, herbal, green or rooibos tea.

Here is my tea cup from a few days ago. Dredges are there.

Here’s my tea from this morning. Yep, still a couple of swallows.

I do this with soda pop, various alcoholic beverages, juice and milk. If I ever visit and don't drink the last few sips of the beverage you serve me, please don't be offended.   I just don’t like the dredges!

The only beverage I consistently don’t? Water. I’ll drain every drop of decent tasting (I am a water snob) water from a cup with no problems.

Why is that?

I think it’s called… Quirky.

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  1. That's a funny little factoid about you. Can't say I have this issue, but interesting.


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