October 23, 2010

A Whirlwind Hopscotch Visit

A "me" fact:

I have four sisters. 

Another "me" fact:

I am the "baby" of the family.  In fact, the next person older than me is older by seven years.  Some distance there.  The eldest of the family is older than me by... 12 years?  I think that's right.

That eldest sister is a whirlwind, I tell ya.  She travels quite a bit for her (own) business and for the first time, it brought her into my town.  Well, near enough for a visit.   She arrived in town last night, around 11pm.  We stayed up and shared some wine, and a good deal of conversation, and she saw my scrapbooking for the first time (other than gifts I have sent).  We didn't go to bed until 2am, despite both of our needing to be up by seven the next morning.

Our conversations are like hopscotch.  We jump from topic to topic, sometimes skipping over a thought, but always picking up the dropped pebble and hopping back to it.  She left at 9am, and I went my merry way to work a little later.  Her last seminar ended at 4:30pm so I drove out to where she was and we shared dinner, more wonderful conversation and laughs until 7pm.  We took this picture of her and the gorgeous autumn sunset ( the picture doesn't do it nearly enough justice - stupid phone camera) just before she hopped in her car and began the trip home (an almost-7 hour trip, I think).

She wasn't even in town for 24 hours and yet, we had some of the best conversations I can remember that we have ever had.  It was a whirlwind hopscotch visit... as it always seems to be with her...but it was an absolute precious memory in the making!


  1. awww...

    i love how you compared your conversation to a game of hopscotch, brings a nice image.

    glad you had a great time with her. :D

  2. love it! I miss my sis...its like ALL of our visits are this way...but they are SO TREASURED! glad you got a chance to have some awesome conversation and wine...even if you did do it allin 20 hours!


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