October 3, 2010

It Was a HeluvaGood Trip!


I took a quick trip "home" this weekend.  "Home" as in the place where I grew up. Apple country, as I have previously mentioned.

While I was home less than 40 hours, it was a really, really good trip.  Nice to get away, all by myself.  I get to think a lot... and sing a lot... on the 6 1/2 hour drive each way.  I got to visit with more family than I expected and a friend from school. Walked around the festival and looked at all kinds of crafts.  You know ... the kind where you like something, then look at the price... then walk away saying, "I can MAKE that!"  But you never do.  Bought some food-stuff.  Went to my sister's house on the lake... saw a really pretty pastel sunset over the water. 

Had a great dinner out and brought home some family-homemade wine.  I bought apples... lots of apples. I was disappointed in one basket... a kind I'd never had before and I wasn't happy with them. The Boy seems pleased to have a whole basket of apples to eat all by himself.  More apples of a different kind have been stored in the fridge... hopefully some of them will last until Thanksgiving so we can have apple pie. In the meantime, I'll be making applesauce and apple bread.

It was a really good trip for such a short visit. 

** for those of you who read my blog who have never heard of HeluvaGood (the truck pictured at the top), they make the best french onion dip in the world (IMO).  They are slowly making their way out of New York state.  I grew up on their dips and cheese.  It was fun to see the truck driving down to Ohio... where these products have become available in the past couple of years... it seemed the perfect way to "speak" to my trip.  It was heluvagood for sure! 


  1. That truck hasn't made it's way to the UK yet, but I hope it does soon as it sounds yummy!
    Pleased to hear you had a good trip, sometimes you don't need to be away for long to just recharge your batteries and catch up with friends and family.
    Great photo of the apples, feel I could just reach in and take one!

  2. A longer trip in the car on my own like this sounds perfect..wonder how I could manage it? Perfect for thinking! Sounds like you had a great one :)

  3. Your trip sounds fantastic (except the driving part which I wouldn't be able to tolerate). I grew up on Heluva Good. Of course now, too many calories!


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