December 20, 2010

Christmas Cat Attack!

This little kitty was fiesty on Saturday.  Started racing around the house like her tail was on fire.  Then she dove into a pile of garland The Hubs had temporarily dumped on the floor.  Her tail was a twitching and we kept waiting to see if she'd attack the shiny new "toy".

Instead, she made herself quite at home.

She let me take a bunch of photos of her.  This is a Big Deal because she doesn't typically let me get near her.

Then her tail stopped twitching and she really settled in.  If The Hubs had let her...I think she was going to take a nap!


  1. lol! These are the cutest shots :-)

  2. My cats would have tried to eat it! But yours certainly found a cozy spot for a cat nap!

  3. Great place for a snooze. I bet it was warm in there too.
    Cute photos!


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