March 30, 2011

In Like a Lamb

March came in to mid-Ohio with "lamb-like behavior". Finally we had some sunshine and relatively warmer temperatures than we had been experiencing, hitting the mid-40’s (Farenheit) to low 50’s in the first few days of the month.  Hope began to spring up in the hearts of all those with cabin fever.

In the back of my head, my mother’s voice echoed, “March is coming in like a lamb, it’ll go out like a lion,” and later, “it snows 3 times on daffodils before Spring is finally here.” I love those idioms and most of the ones that flit around my head are in my mother’s or my father’s voices. Guess that’s who I learned ‘em from.

Several times throughout March, that saying flitted about, and I continued to wonder... would it be "real" this year?  Would March go out like a lion?  And what would this lion be? Ice and snow?  Heavy thunder and lightning?  A combination (not unheard of)?

So, yesterday, I showed you that although it was freezing, the leaves were poking out of the trees and I was happy.  This morning, I was looking at the calendar once again because today marks birthdays of two very special people in my life (Excuse me as I do this shout out - Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Birthday CT!).  And as I was looking at the calendar and noticing the apparent end of the month, I again heard an echo, “out like a lion…”

In slow motion... seriously, it was like a movie... I swung my eyes around from my wall calendar to my office window and saw this:

This isn't exactly the scene I saw.
I had to go outside to get this photo. 
I don't exactly see this view from my office window.
But you get the idea.
Yes, what's that?  SNOW!  Yes, really!  At first I thought it wouldn't stick... it wasn't coming down very heavily. But in a couple of hours, yes, it started to gather atop the bushes, trees, cars and grass. 
It was really WET snow too... by the time I was done
taking these few photos,my hair was soaked!
And this goose dude was not happy…

I didn't get a closer picture because I was afraid I'd scare
him into trying to cross the road...
and I didn't want some A-hole to hit him
(or her, I can't tell)., (s)he did not look pleased at all.

As much as I love snow, neither am I, really. I gotta say, neither am I.

March 29, 2011

In the Air?

I saw this today:

I was excited to see new spring green leaves poking out of the buds on the tree...

...  in the sunshine, blue sky (with some clouds)...

...36-degree (2-degrees celsius) day!

Holy cold, Batman!  Spring is in the air?  Yeah, with icicles on top. 

Sheesh!  What's up with that? 

March 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I actually did scrapbook when I was on my last retreat.  Actually, I spent much of my time working on Soul Restoration, but I did get some time in to play catch up.  My goal at this retreat, besides working on the SR projects, was to tie up some loose ends in some of my albums.  Most prominent was my vacation album, which holds the pages of our summer trips to our family and any other  vacation we may take, as well as family reunions (which usually take place planned and impromptu during family trips in the summers).  So... without further ado, here are some of my random "catch up" layouts from 2005/2006...

Most of The Fam.  (Fussy cut My Minds Eye Bohemian paper)

one-half of a two-page layout,the other half not shown.  (Basic Grey)

My "cover page" this trip.  (More My Minds Eye Bohemian paper)

Oh yeah, I caught up on some holiday photos too...

See?  PROOF that I actually DO scrapbook  still.  :)

And now a question.  Often, for my vacations, I will create a "cover page" not like the one above, but more like the one below:

Cover page for 2005 summer trip (Little Yellow Bicycle papers)

It typically has no photos but just a general summary of the whole trip.  I really like doing it this way to tell more of the story than the mini-blurbs I do on each of my pages.  And actually,   I've only done it a couple of times, but  I think  I'm going  to do it more  often.  It really helps jog the memory about some events.

Does anyone else do this?

March 27, 2011

15 Questions

Nancy had this fun questionnaire on her blog a few days ago. She snagged it from Shaina’s blog who got it from Marta Writes. I guess a good thing makes its rounds. Anyway, as a way to ease back in to blogging again, I thought this would be a nice way to get re-started.

Before I do, I want to tell every single one of you who commented on Hunter’s post, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts, prayers and sympathies. It has been a rough blow to this family and while I continue to have bouts of complete heartbreak and fits of crying, I’m functioning better. I miss Hunter terribly but his canine brother Rocky is also having some issues with coping without him, so we are trying to be more active with Rocky and get him to play. Forcing myself to be active and playing with Rocky has made me smile and so…life is moving forward. It always does. Anyway, thank you for all of your wonderful comments. Each one warmed me a little through the cold grief I was/am feeling. I am so appreciative of YOU!

Anyway… let’s get to some answers.

No matter what mood I'm in, I can always go for a: drink of water. Nancy said this too, I guess we have  this in common. I don’t carry it with me everywhere, but I’m a water lover. Especially on ice with a squeeze of lemon, but in a pinch any drinking water will do. I told The Hubs when we were dating that if we’re ever out somewhere (like at a park or festival or something) and I start to get cranky… like really major cranky pants… to just make sure he finds me a water and I’ll be happy as a clam ever since. When he remembers this tidbit (which is m ore and m ore often) life “out in the world” with me has become much easier for him. We argue less. LOL.

My favorite go-to outfit would have to be: Jeans and a black shirt of some kind. It’s comfort clothing. Most of my college life I wore jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck, with black socks and black “booties” (ankle-high boots). I just wore that outfit Friday night actually!

A good source of inspiration is: For creative inspiration, I typically go to SFTIO’s community and  gallery, YouTube, or Tim Holtz’s site, but honestly, more and more I’m finding inspiration on other people’s blogs on my Google Reader list.

I am so glad my parents taught me: to be responsible… if you borrow something, give it back (with a little extra); if you stay at a friend’s house, leave it cleaner/better than when you arrived; if you make a commitment to someone, follow through on it; tip generously, especially at breakfast; and write thank you notes.

A song I like to dance to is: Wow… I’m not a good dancer, and pretty self conscious of it nowadays, so I can’t say I have a favorite song to dance to… pretty much if the mood strikes me to dance (in my chair or out of it), it would be to whatever be-boppin’ song is on at the time. :)

I wish everyone knew about: the symptoms, signs and how to intervene with someone  considering suicide. Everyone is special and important to the world and the people around them. Suicide should never be an option.

The best thing in my makeup bag is: powder… loose and oil free. I am so blindingly shiny without it.

My dream spring break vacation spot is: Any secluded, forested fresh-water retreat. A lake in the mountains with lots of wild life. Or if I’m dreaming HUGE, Ireland. Or Hawaii. Or Australia.

This may be a surprise, but I am passionate about: amateur live theatre. I prefer to be involved (onstage or backstage), but I’ll go watch it any time I have the opportunity. I love professional live theatre as well, but not much chance of participating in that other than as a watcher.

A favorite book that changed me for the better:  I’m not much of a non-fiction reader. I love escaping into a different world, so I can’t say the books I read “change me”. But when my mom was fighting ovarian cancer, someone gave me a book to read which really did change me. It’s called Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs and Communications of the Dying. And another book (non-fiction) that changed my awareness of myself and eating habits: When Food is Love by Geneen Roth.

One of my pet peeves is: when the person who went in to the bathroom before you in your own home can’t change the toilet paper roll. Or in a public bathroom when there is pee all over the seat. Seriously, how can women consistently do this? Grr!

My favorite daily ritual would have to be: Just showering in general. I can’t start a day until I shower. Otherwise I just don’t feel “right”. Showering wakes me up and makes me feel fresh and new and ready to hit the ground running.

I am trying to be better at: accepting and embracing my own creativity and feeling that it is “good enough”.

The most recent rad thing I found online was: I’m sorry, I don’t know that I’ve been out discovering anything recently online. I’ve just been hanging out at my “regulars”.

I can't live without: air. I guess that’s a given, though. *grin* Okay, okay, I’ll answer it for realz (as my kids say). I can’t live without my Ott (or Daylight brand) lamp. It really does change how you see colors, and crafting without one now can make me very anxious (or frustrated).

Okay, it's your turn.  Please answer a few of these questions in a comment (yeah, I seriously wanna know!) or blog your answers to all fifteen and leave me a link  so I can go see! 

March 23, 2011

A Hole Punched Through My World

What we thought was a slipped disk, was not.  Our baby had a tumor invading his spine.  He went from walking to completely paralyzed in the back  legs in a matter of days.  Although he was brave and strong, we couldn't watch him be so sad and uncomfortable.  We couldn't put him through any more surgeries and treatments.  It would only have prolonged his own suffering. 

Hunter went to sleep for the last time Tuesday, March 22nd, at 6:50pm Eastern Time.

If you'd like, you can read more about him here,  here,  here and here.

There may be other posts, but that's about all I'm up to finding today.

A hole has been punched through my world.

March 19, 2011

I {Heart} Generosity & Courtesy

I was going to write a really long, boring post about my day at the pharmacy, Smoothie King, The Container Store, Trader Joe's and grocery shopping, but instead, I highlighted it all and hit 'delete'. Because really? The whole point of today was that people smiled... they were generous with their time, their patience and one person was very kind with a $5 coupon. It was a lovely four hours outside, in the sunshine and although everyone and their brother (and uncle and sister) were out of the house to break free of "cabin fever" I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of short-tempers and bad-manners.

I like those kind of days. I like them a lot. It makes me happy.

March 17, 2011

Need a Laugh?

One of my sisters shared this with me a while back on Facebook.  I didn't watch it until recently but when I did, I nearly had a little accident I was laughing so hard.  I'm sure it's not everyone's humor, but OMG, I was crying I was laughing so hard.

Check it out:

For those of you overseas who can't watch videos on YouTube, try searching on "Paul Zerdin Ventriloquist without a dummy".  I'm sure you'll find it somewhere!

I hope you enjoy.  It's always made me laugh (and I've watched it about 10 times already).

March 16, 2011

Cozy or Cornered?

For some reason, when I see this picture, this Rockwell 80's song echoes through my head, "I always feel like... somebody's watching me... and I have no privacy!"

What do you think when you see this picture?

March 15, 2011

Kai's Clean Sweep - Yelp for Help!

So, y'all know I perpetually struggle with clutter, disorganization (although I know where everything is and can find it easily, it's not pretty), and overwhelming amounts of fur.   If you didn't already know that, I guess you do now.  (bows head in embarrassment) Last fall, I started my "clean sweep" project.  Then, curveballs flew and not much got done.  I'm moving at a snails pace and whatever I did have decluttered and clean is now re-cluttered and not clean.

One of my sisters shared this Yahoo article with me recently.  I found some great tips (and have implemented them), but I'd love to hear from YOU.  What do YOU really, actually do to keep your house decluttered and clean?  Do you have a schedule?  Do you do certain things seasonally (like spring cleaning)?  Do you just look around and do?  How do you stay on top of things?

After you answer those questions, please give me your own personal favorite quick tip.  Quick is key.  Let me put this into perspective... for the moment and the near future, I work a full-time day job and a part-time 2nd job and my new health priority work outs, so most, if not all, weekdays I'm out of the house from 7:30am until 7pm or so.  I work that 2nd job often on Saturdays for 4-8 hours, and every other Sunday we host a friends-get-together at our house.  Honestly, Saturday nights, every other week, before those game days, is when the house is at it's cleanest.  But I'd love to not have to rush around dusting and vacuuming (a necessary thing with 6 animals, though), cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, hiding the dirty laundry and closing the kids' bedrooms off because they are so chaotic.  And recently, closing our own bedroom door because it is so chaotic.

So... tips and tricks on what I can do throughout the week and weekends to get my house clean and organized and KEEP it clean and organized are so very welcome.  However... I  don't want to give up MY things either... blogging, crafting, sewing, friend fun... and I'd like to find more time to read and write.  So...

The challenge has been presented to you:
  • What is one thing you do on a regular, scheduled basis to clean/organize?  (I really am interested!)
  • What is your personal best tip for quick cleaning/organizing?  (Please, no more FlyLady... as much as I admire "her", I can't get past the shine your sink tip... it just doesn't work!)
  • What suggestions do you have to fit cleaning and organizing around my LIFE?
Okay. Ready?  Set. Go!

March 13, 2011

Sew Much Fun!

I've had a fun and busy weekend, but wanted to show you a little, itty bit of what I've been doing.  Not much more than a tease, but that can be fun too, right?

Don't worry, I'll be back to show you my progress.  If I think this is relatively "easy" I'll be making many  more of them.  What is it, you ask?  Well, for now that's a surprise...

How was your weekend?

March 10, 2011

Winners! (part 2)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who hopped along our Soul Restoration blog hop this past weekend.  I loved sharing with you some of the things I have experienced while taking this class.  I'd like to clarify a few things, of my own opinion... because I truly, truly, truly believe every girl out there deserves this class... to be brave... and restore her soul.
  • Soul Restoration is very spiritual, but you do not have to belong to or believe in any one religion to take this course.  This was very freeing to me... because I love the open arms and open  hearts from everyone, of all walks of faith, in this class.
  • Soul Restoration (the class) is six weeks.  But what you learn, and what you will continue to learn and practice, will last a lifetime.  Don't sign on if you're not ready for a lifetime of change.
  • And I must stress and say again... you do not have to be an artist to take this class.  There is art involved.  But if you know how to cut paper, use glue and write with a pen, you can excel in this class.  If you're open to learning a few art techniques and "playing" that's just an option that's there for you.
  • And one of the biggest lessons that I have learned (and to be honest, am still working to learn and ingrain), is No Comparing.  I hope you are not dissuaded from taking this class by looking at all of the wonderful art that was on display during the blog hop.  Because your art is as beautiful and wonderful... and what's most important... it's YOURS.
Okay, I just had to get that off my chest.  I may  (or may not) come back and talk more about Soul Restoration here on my blog... I guess it depends on how much I feel I can bare to the world at large.  For now, I hope that everyone taking the second edition of Soul Restoration 1 have a BLAST, and I will see everyone who comes back for Soul Restoration 2 in the summer.  Yep, I'll be there. 

Okay, okay... without further ado...

Like yesterday, The Hubs helped me pick a winner for my Soul Restoration class giveaway... and once again, Sparky attempted to help.

Here's Hubs waving hello again, just cuz I think he's cute that way:

The list of people who were ready to be brave and restore:

And again, Hubs did a specatacular job cutting them up...

Here's Sparky, ready and willing to pick a winner...

And his support team, Rikki (check out that eye glow!)

and Mouse (his twin sister... fraternal, of course).

He really, really wanted to pick the winner, but that lack of opposable thumbs issue really holds him back.  So we made a deal.  We told him to think very, very, very hard of which ticket he wanted to pick, while The Hubs put his hand in the bowl and actually picked the ticket. 

I think Sparky almost sprained something here, he was thinking so hard...

And the winner is...

Congratulations Devonne!

Please contact me at {wytewolf22} at {yahoo} dot {com} to let me know what email you will be using to sign up for Soul Restoration, plus your full name, and I will contact The Brave Girls Club and get it all underway!

And for those of you who didn't get this freebie chance, I truly hope you try to set aside some money to take this class, and make YOURSELF the priority for once.

It's time.  And you really do deserve it!

March 9, 2011

Winners! (part 1)

The time has finally come to pull and announce winners for my Pioneer Woman signed book giveaway from a while back.

I thought for a while about how to select winners.  I know about, but sometimes I find that so... uncreative.  Not that I am against using it, nor am I criticizing anyone who does use that site (it's extremely convenient), but my giveaway responses were small enough that I could do something a little more fun this time. 

So, with the help of The Hubs, I created some tickets on the computer with each person's name on it and randomly chose my winners that way... ready? 

Okay, here are the tags...

The Hubs helped me out by cutting them up for me.  Isn't he so kind?  (of course, my hands were full with "camera", but I won't mention that.)

Wave "hello" to my readers, Hubs!

He did a great job cutting them up, didn't he?

Next, we folded them up into little itty bitty pieces and placed them in this heart-embellished crystal dish I still had out from Valentine's day.  Well, it wasn't exactly "out", it was in the dish drainer, but I digress...

About this time, Sparky tried to jump up and help.   Sorry for the blurred photo, he was really close, and was head-butting me for  attention.

The Hubs picked...'s  winner #1:

Congratulations Felecia!!

Sparky was all ready to help draw the second name. 

Sadly, he doesn't have opposable thumbs, so we had to rely on The Hubs to do the picking again...

And here's winner #2:

Congratulations Shaina!! 

And I must mention that it was  Hubs' idea, at the last minute before I snapped the photo, to turn Shaina's winning ticket at a lovely jaunty angle, which is a "signature" of mine... "jaunty angles".  How sweet of him to get so... creative! 

By they way, the whole house was so excited for the winners!

Well, okay... I am very excited, even if my pups aren't!

Felecia and Shaina, please PM me or send me your snail mail addresses at {wytewolf22} at {yahoo} dot {com} so I can get you your book!  Congrats again!

And stay tuned... the Soul Restoration giveaway winner will be posted tomorrow night...

March 7, 2011

Why Do I Scrapbook?

As I'm still "recuperating", I thought I'd just share with you some random thoughts... most of which (if not all) are NOT mine.

I scrapbook because:

"I find out more and more every day how important it is for people to share their memories." (Mr. Rogers)

"The existence of forgetting has never been proved:  We only know that some things don't come to mind when we want them." (Friedrich Nietzsche)

"She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes." (Frank Deford)

"Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph.  Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you."  (Simon & Garfunkel)

"My grandmother made me a scrapbook because I was once too young to remember; I am making scrapbooks for my family because one day I may be too old to remember." (Author Unknown)

I may have shared this one before, but it's a favorite of mine:

"Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn't all a dream?" (Ashleigh Brilliant)

"A picture is poem without words." (Confucius )
To which I'd like to add, "I scrapbook to tell the story" (Kai)

And last, but not least (nor will it be the absolute end of sharing these thoughts now and again):

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." (Mary Lou Cook)

I hope your day is filled with wonderful memories in the making!  (And there's still time to enter this giveaway)

Scrap Happy

I just spent a long weekend away at one of my favorite places on earth: A Crop for All Seasons.  This craft retreat "home away from home" is one of the best experiences I've had, and it truly must be because I've been going there with my friends for the past four years!

This little piece of Heaven is run by two sisters who I absolutely adore.  They have truly thought of everything... a spacious crop room for twelve with plenty of tools to use including music or movies, cricuts, a computer and a printer; an astoundingly beautiful house, decorated to match the seasons (hence the name); complete hospitality service (including a chocolate on your pillow each night with your turned down bed); a fridge fully stocked with soft drinks and water; plenty of "brain food" like sweets and salty snacks; an unending supply of coffee or tea... and the most delicious, absolutely to die for homecooked meals you could ask for!

And the best part?  100% of my time is MINE.  It is scrappy room that is uninterrupted by household needs... no hubby, twenty-something or teenager in sight! 

What does all of that mean?  I completed many projects in my Soul Restoration class, as well as several over-due layouts and a thank-you card for our Hostesses with the Mostestes.

However, one thing I didn't get much time to do was... sleep.  So, pardon me for a day or two while I catch up on this much needed item and then I'll be back to post the winners of the Pioneer Woman giveaway and the Soul Restoration giveaway.  There's still time to enter here for the Soul Restoration giveaway, if you haven't already.  And, WOW!  Thank you to all of you who visited me during this fun blog hop.  I truly appreciate your comments!

I will be back.  With some crafty bits.  I promise...

The women who run this fabulous craft retreat do know me, but they have no idea how much I talk about them, nor do they know I blog, and they don't pay me anything for advertising.  This post is purely to share my love for this slice of goodness.

March 5, 2011

My Soul Restoration (Blog Hop & Giveaway!)

I have mentioned previously, only briefly, that I was participating in the Soul Restoration class taught by Melody Ross (accompanied by a slew of wonderful people!).  For a long while now, I've been receiving the Brave Girls Club daily emails and they often talk about Brave Girls Camp.  I knew I might never have the money or the opportunity to attend one of these, although I truly longed to do so... so when Soul Restoration appeared on the horizon, I leapt at the opportunity.

Soul Restoration is like a "mini" Brave Girls Camp, only it's not really "mini" at all.  So many women (over 700!) from all around the world signed on to this class that began in January, seeking truth, to heal and live the life they were meant to live.  I didn't know what to expect when I signed on, but even if I had expectations, this would have exceeded them.

Because this class deals with such deep emotions and concepts, ancient and fresh wounds, treating yourself well, being gentle, learning to hear the truth instead of the echoing lies, it truly is a very personal journey that only you will truly understand when you are looking at it from within.  Because of this, I don't feel I can share too many pictures or details of the work/art I did or all that I gained by participating, and honestly, I'm still working through the projects and the lessons. 

But I can tell you this:
  • If you feel broken, lost, perpetually wounded, directionless or feel like you're missing out on something; if you've questioned why you're "here"; if you're over-sensitive; if you seem surrounded by people that sabotage or hurt you more often than lift you up and support you... even just a very little bit... then this class can help.
  • If you want to explore who you really are, what you're really meant to do, what path to follow, then this class can teach you how to start to find some of those answers.
  • If you want to heal old wounds, or new... this class can be part of the salve.
  • If you want to find confidence, feel worth again, and trust in yourself 100%, then this class is for you.
  • If you want to smile, laugh, cry, create, dream, hope and believe... you might want to check this class out.
  • If you want to stop living life on auto-pilot and instead LIVE, this will help you do that.
I will share that despite not yet having finished all of the curriculum, I am a different person.  And I'm continuing to become a different person... and that person is the True Me.  From the inside out.  I'm not "there" yet... not 100%... but I'm so much farther along than I was a few months ago.  A better person.  Closer to being a person I can love and forever let go of the lies that often control my thoughts.

Throughout Soul Restoration, I often recalled a brief conversation from the movie Pretty Woman:

Vivian: People put you down enough, you start to believe it.
Edward:   I think you are a very bright, very special woman. 
Vivian:  The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?
Aside from the deep lessons, while doing the "homework" projects, I was able to play with so many different art techniques and expanded my mind with regard to different mediums and creativity.  I began my very first art journal and I'm loving it.  I created some mini-albums that I will be looking at and re-looking at for years to come, as they have become my "manual" on who I am, who I want to be and how I want to live. 

my first art journal

If you are interested in learning more, please continue on in this wonderful Soul Restoration blog hop and hear about other people's perspectives and what they have taken away from it.  At the bottom of this post is a list of participants in the order of the hop, so if you'd like to go back to the beginning to start the entire ride, you may.  Or, if you already joined me from Juel's Colorful Moments blog, then you are well on your way to hopping around the rest of the Soul Restoration blog hop.  I'll lead you on to your next stop in a few minutes... but please keep reading...

If you want to join up and experience the deep power and the fabulous fun of this online class taught by Melody Ross, there is another Soul Restoration looming on the horizon.  Two, actually:

Soul Restoration I - Finding Your Truth (the class I participated in) is a six week course beginning April 5th, 2011 ($99 - Register Here)

Soul Restoration II - Living Your Truth (for graduates of Soul Restoration 1 only) is another six week course beginning June 7th, 2011 (also $99 - Register Here)

Now, I know that sometimes you really, really want to do something, but that "money thing" gets in the way.  I've been there, often, with smaller costs than this class.  Last fall, when I was struggling, I was so astounded and appreciative when someone had lent me an "out of the blue" helping hand.  Well, today I'd love to pay it forward, so to speak, and help one of you out.  Read on for a great opportunity!

If you would LOVE to take Soul Restoration 1 and just don't feel you can foot the bill, I would love to pay your $99 tuition for you.  This is only for Soul Restoration 1, so make sure you are ready to restore your soul and find your truth.  If you can devote the time you'll need to spend over the course of the six-week workshop and you would like me to enter you into the drawing, please leave me a comment about why you'd like to explore Soul Restoration and include the statement "I'm ready to be brave and restore." and you will be in the mix!  You can leave a comment until Tuesday, March 8th at midnight Eastern Time.  I will post the winner of the drawing on my blog post in the evening of Thursday, March 10th. 
Now... please hop on to your next stop by visiting Angie at Feathers in my Nest.

Or, if you're lost, jump back on the right path by visiting any of these Soul Restoration Blog Hop participants:

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Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!

March 4, 2011

It's a Party!

My friend Nancy is celebrating a very important day today... her 1,000th post on her blog My Paperview.  That's confusing.  It's HER paper view, but it's called My Paperview, but it's not mine, it's hers.  Whew!  That was clear as mud.   I think this scrappy retreat has gone to my head!


If you don't know Nancy, you just gotta check the inspiration, talent and fun over there... she takes great self-portraits, scrapbooks honestly and from the inside out, loves her hubby an dher four-legged furry child with all of her heart AND is amazingly artistic.  If you already do know Nancy, you already know all that, but go on over anyway and celebrate!

When you visit today and read her 1,000th post, she'll share with you all kinds of fun and the opportunity to win a huge prize uber cool scrappy goodies!  She said they were uber cool, honest.  Those exact words.  Well, maybe not 'uber', but she most definitely did mention the word 'huge'.

So go!  Congrats to Nancy!  Go have fun!  Party on, Wayne!  Party on, Garth! 

But wait!  Don't get too drunk on all that creativity, because you gotta make it back here tomorrow.  No hangovers allowed, because we're going to talk about our souls here... it's going to be fabulously FUN with some totally awesome women in an amazing blog hop that will take you all over the place.  And yes, at least ONE giveaway, right here...

 So remember... Enjoy the Ride!


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