December 29, 2010

Dirty Little Trick...

So, Christmas morning had me wondering what was in the Big Box?  It was a really big box!  I had asked for a maid service, but I didn't see any air holes, so that couldn't have been it.  I asked for a bunch of smaller things... maybe they were all in the one Big Box.  Hmmmm....

So there I am, opening gifts as The Girl hands them out.  I received a couple of fun Wii games, some scented lotion, lots of snacky-goodies that are bad for my waistline.  And then The Hubs says, "yes, she can open that."  It was NOT the Big Box.  It was a littler box, but still pretty good-sized.  I ripped the paper away to reveal the Gypsy. 
Astonished, I looked at The Hubs, knowing exactly what was in the Big Box now and said, "YOU got me a CRICUT?".  Because, you can't have a Gypsy without a Cricut.  It just doesn't work that way! 

I'm still not allowed to open the Big Box.  A few more little gifts come my way... a Cricut cartridge, a Gypsy carrying case. 

FINALLY!  I get to open the Big Box!

It was lighter than I expected... but I quickly rip into it.  I open the tape on the top, open the box, look in and....



it was a Wishblade.

I already HAVE a Wishblade (a whole other story)!  Then it dawned on me... I looked at The Hubs and said, "You already set it up, that's so cool!"  He looked at me, confused, and said, "No, that's the Cricut.".  I said, "No, THIS is a Wishblade."  He said, "That's not possible!  I bought you a Cricut!"  I said, "This is JUST LIKE the Wishblade I already have downstairs. 

He looks in the box, "How am I supposed to know what it looks like?" and then he proceeds to get furiously angry.  He pulls out the packing list, and it says "Cricut" on it.  But it really was just a Wishblade all shrinkwrapped and packed in foam in the box. 


"Well," I said, "we can call or email them and figure it out next week.  I was disappointed but hey... I was getting a Cricut!  Even if I couldn't have it on Christmas morning.  The Hubs angrily took the box and "tossed" it on the kitchen table.  He was grumpy and said, "I don't want to open any more gifts" even though there were still plenty there for him.  I told him to suck it up, that it was fine, I could wait and he would just have to open his gifts and enjoy the rest of his bounty. 

So he did.

Packages were all opened (we were all very spoiled)... and I went over to the Wishblade and looked at the Packing list.  There was an email and an 800#, so I pointed that out to The Hubs and he said he'd take care of it.

Then The Girl came up to me and said, "We found another gift for you... it's downstairs." 

I KNEW IT!  The Cricut was there all along.  I ran down to my scrapbook room and there it was, on my scrapbook table all wrapped up!  I was so excited. 

Until I realized what a dirty trick that was.  I looked up at my kids and husband who were all there grinning at me (and all of them were in on it) and ...

... got so angry I punched each one of them in the face and gave them all bloody noses!

No, not really.  Although, I did smack my husband's arm (several times) for the dirty trick. 

The Wishblade?  He'd taken mine apart, wrapped it in Saran wrap, then packed it in the foam the Cricut came in.   AND he put fake objects under the towel I keep over my Wishblade to keep dust away... in case I came down and looked in that area.  He's so damn sneaky!

"Santa" was good to me.  How about you?


  1. What a fun memory!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. *grin* That was so naughty of them!!!! :) But what a wonderful gift to get!

  3. It was great that he managed to playact his way through the surprise... maybe his missed his calling?

  4. That's so lovely, cheeky, but lovely! Have fun with your new toy! :)


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