June 11, 2012

Loud and Clear...

It's been a day.  A little on the rough side.  As I was wandering through Inside Out's Truth Pinterest board, I found this.  It really just screamed.... screamed... out to me.  I needed to see it... read it... hear it.  I now need to embrace it.  I wanted to share it too, as I work to embrace it.

I need to figure out how to accept this for someone I love very much.  Have you ever had to let someone go (from your life, not your heart)?

June 10, 2012

One Life to Live...

No, not the soap opera.  Well... maybe, but not the one you are thinking of.

My wise and wicked stepmother (the wicked is in jest, the wise is not) has told me, repeatedly, that the older I get, the less I will care about what others think.  And oh, how true!  I have spent the first 40 years of my life truly concerned about how people would think if I did this, did that, said this, thought that.  And that has stifled me.  A lot.

The past two years, though, I have been working on letting that concern go. 

Most recently it has become more important to do what I want/feel and say what I think/know and not stifle myself because of fear.  I have had to take baby steps... feeling my way forward in the darkness of what I have always known, because that fear is pretty strong.  I think as I make a break-through, though, I do something little in a symbolic gesture of what I've have done mentally, emotionally or psychologically.

Lately, it has been self-alteration.  Minor self-alteration, but it's a change nonetheless.

Purple hair.  Not all of it... just a little.  But it's a symbol of breaking free from a few of my own self-imposed tethers.

I'm sad that it has taken me 42 years to stop caring so much, and start being more of who I feel I am inside.  I can't say I'm done caring, or feeling fear about being me, but I feel so much more happy and closer than I've been before.

After all... it's my only life, right?  Why not be me in it?

Yep yep.  Purple.  I think it's a good color.

What do you do to celebrate you?

June 4, 2012

Stamp Addict!

I love stamps. I use them not nearly as much as I buy them.  When I buy them, I have tons of plans for them.  Then they sit.  Then I look at them later and wonder... what were those plans I had?

Recently I went to the Great Lakes MegaMeet in Novi, Michigan.  What a blast that was!  It's a scrapper's shopaholic paradise.  One of my favorite stamp designers was there and I visited that booth not once, not twice, but three times!  It is where I dropped the most cash.

I can't explain why I love these stamps.  But, I shall try... they're cutsie.

They're versatile.

They are a "starter" for your own creativity.

They suck my money out of my pocket!

I love them!  And trust me... I came home with many... and a signed stamp-doodle by Judith herself.  She amazes me at how quickly she can "art".  She inspires me and I love to chat with her every time I am in her booth.

I highly recommend finding her booth at a show near you.  There is so, so much fun to be had!


**DISCLAIMER - Stamps by Judith did not pay me in any way to gush over her products... I just love 'em.  What can I say? **


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