August 30, 2010

Humbly Learning...

I have learned every once in a while, something happens… something little or something huge… that just smacks you in the face like a wet rag and says, “love & kindness are out there!”

That happened to me over the weekend. It was a slow dawning of understanding that didn’t quite fully realize itself until this morning (Monday) when all the facts were finally in order. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me (it has an evil side like that) and so I wasn’t quite sure if I was imagining that this “thing” was done, if I had literally forgotten that I had done it myself or if there was something else at work. Turns out it was something else at work.

I’ll stop being vague now. Well, as much as I possibly can.

You see… I was looking at the "Learn Something New Every Day" class over at Several of my online buds had been talking about it… most of them were signing up for it. I wanted to, but as with any class, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to “keep up” with it. I do work two jobs and have been embarking on a personal journey, as well as keeping up a house with a furry zoo recently filled with health problems. I hate to overcommit myself, but at the same time, I really need and love to have the prompts and the push to do something creative… for myself… on an every day basis. I also love to learn new things and so this class seemed to be up my alley. The last class I officially “took” was Shimelle’s Blogging for Scrapbookers, and well… here I am still blogging away. Wouldn’t it be great if this class would prompt me to continue to learn something new every day even after the class was over?

So, I hemmed and hawed over signing up. Did I want to commit myself? Would I make myself feel guilty if I couldn’t keep up? I have that problem too… an overabundance of guilt seeping from my pores. My online friends encouraged me to sign up and reminded me that once you sign up for it, you have access to that Shimelle’s class forever. So I went out there last week and got myself to the registration page… put in all the information and then at the last minute decided to just shut it down and not complete the financial transaction. We’re running a little tight on finances at the moment, as I said above, I have a few of my furry children who are draining me with vet bills lately, among other pop-up expenses that happened this month. So, I questioned how “late” I could sign up and found out I could sign up all the way until the end of the class. So… I will wait a payday or two and then sign up, even though then I wouldn't be on the same page/prompt as the rest of the majority of the class.

Imagine my surprise when I got a confirmation email from Shimelle two days later, thanking me for signing up. Needless to say, I was confused but resigned myself to the fact that I did not actually close out the payment page, as I thought… I must have clicked “submit”. A day goes by. I look again at the confirmation email and decided to check my various payment accounts.

No payments from my accounts were made for this class.

Here’s where I start wondering… did I imagine this? Is the payment hitting my account delayed? Was it a mistake? Am I thinking of the wrong class and perhaps it was a free class I signed up for? Finally I was convinced that it was a glitch on the computer (payments received) on Shimelle’s end, I emailed her back asking her to change the name on my account (I already had an account with her, but she had signed me up for this class under a different email) and to please double-check her account to make sure payment had been made…

Shimelle kindly responded this morning (or late last night), confirming the account change for me and then mentioned that "the class had been paid for by someone who wished to remain anonymous".

Can I say I was speechless and still remain speechless? My heart dipped, then stalled, then started beating again. I read the email a second time and tears in my eyes welled up a little (as they are now again as I write this). I can’t put into words how I felt and am feeling. It was an unexpected kindness that was timelier than I can even explain. It made my Monday feel less than a typical “ugh, back to work” Monday. It made me feel “lightened” in some way. It was … unexpected. It is….amazing.

Thank you, kind and sweet anonymous Friend. If you read my blog, I hope you now know how much your gift means to me. I have humbly learned that love and kindness are still out there in the world. Since I can’t thank you in person, I am shouting out my gratitude to the world in hopes of it reaching you. And since I can’t pay you back, I will pay it forward.

Thank you.


  1. What a lovely story. I wonder who your mystery person is? Whoever it is - what a kind and generous thing to do. Looking forward to seeing all those new things you learn every day!

  2. With all that's going on in the world how good to come across such a random act of kindness, the kind that makes you go weak and wobbly and wanting to cry. I love this kind of thing, and it will make you so happy when you pay it forward whenever that might be!

    BTW this has happened to me about a few times in my life and I still cry when I think of each one, I have passed it forward many more times in gratitude - enjoy. :)

  3. That is wonderful and so heart warming, look forward to seeing you on the forum for Learn Something New Everyday

  4. That is a wonderful story. And a terrific reminder. Pay it forward and RAK's keep us functioning as a society. I will not easily forget.

  5. I used to have a teacher who always said "Good things happen to good people"..

    A wonderful story that has left me with a smile on my face this morning. AND we get to see you in class :)

  6. What a wonderful story. There are some very kind people out there and the idea of Paying it Forward is so heartwarming. Good luck with the course. I have been hesitating myself because I too am over stretched and already have a heavy course signed up for this month. But I am wavering - you might still see me on Learn Something New Everyday yet!

  7. How truly lovely - this story brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face, too :-) I'm so pleased that we'll get to see you in class, and so thrilled that somewhere out there is such a wonderful person to have done such a kind and lovely thing! And I love the way you have written about this, too - I hope your 'benefactor' does get to see your thanks xx

  8. What a wonderful story! How kind of the person who did this! Hope you enjoy every minute of it! XXX

  9. i feel like crying! how lovely!!!!

  10. what a lovely story, there are beautiful people out there! this is a great class and you can never get behind! I finished last years book last week. Miriam x

  11. Kai - I'm so happy for you! I'm in class as well, and struggling with how committed I will be, so we can struggle together. I'm so glad that some wonderful person out there was paying attention to your needs! The Universe really does deliver.

  12. I am so thrilled for you. I know that in this funny old world it is easy to lose sight of the good but your story shows that someone with a good heart will always shine through. Have fun in the class and see you there xxx

  13. wow thats lovely and here's me sitting at my desk at work with tears just thinking about the kindess!

  14. Hello, I just came here from Shimelle's blog - she has linked to your story from today's post.

    What a lovely thing to happen to you! I hope you really enjoy your class and get loads out of it. You've started it early - the Something New you learned yesterday is that Someone Kind Cares. That's a fab thing to learn! And what's also great is that We - your blog readers - have learned that today!

    Kindness is infectious (as is cruelty and hatred). It spreads and touches people. It is an awesome force, that changes lives (sometimes just a little, other times a great deal).

    And I love your intention to Pay It Forward.

    Best Wishes to you!

  15. What a lovely, inspiring story. I just cried happy tears. Someone knew what your heart wanted, and thought you deserved this wonderful class....and that says a lot about you, too. :)What a delightful friend, and what a beautiful person to do such a thing. Thank you for such an inspiring post. <3

  16. That is so kind and you've shared the story so well! Hope you throughly enjoy the class!

  17. Wow! Congratulations. Such an inspiring story :)
    Hope you enjoy every second of the class.

  18. This is FLIPPIN AWESOME!!! What an amazing gift!!!


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