April 11, 2010

You Were There!

"Doesn't this look like a picture that would have an
inspirational quote beneath it?"  C-tina
And so it does.

I went for an early-morning walk again yesterday.  After stopping to pick up a coffee for C-tina and a hot chocolate for me, we drove to the park.  And it was there that I thought of you, and even spoke of you now and again.  You were there.

Here is the beginning of the path, winding through the woods.  It was such a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the air was that crisp cool with a hint of warm that comes with a spring day.  Birds were chirping everywhere.  Now and then the echoing rata-tat-tat of a woodpecker finding his morning feast.  A lovely day for a walk.

In parts, the sun glowing down made the woods alternatively shadowed and highlighted.  The new green of spring such a contrast to the fall leaves still on the ground, and the trees standing tall with few leaves on them yet.

We found these funky little plants growing near the path, about 8-10 inches high, looking like little chipmonk palm trees.

I have a thing for moss, so I had to point out to you the roots of this tree.  How cool is that?

The path, itself, is so pretty.  Wood plank fences run alongside in certain areas, keeping us away from slippery slopes, and other woodland 'dangers'.  And, of course, it keeps out the dangers of us from the nature around.  It's pretty, though, and the sun's angle caused really interesting shadows on the path.

No matter how often I walk here, I can't stop peering into the woods.  So many new things to see every time we walk.

We were there early enough on a Saturday morning, that for a long while, there wasn't another soul in sight.  The only other "footsteps" we heard were the rustling of the squirrels in the leaves.

Occasionally, these public parks have little signposts  near the path, sharing information about the nature and life around us.  They are always fun diversions.

I love to see the little things.  There were violets blooming along the path, and some bell-like flowers.  And then there was this one.  To me, it looked like it had specifically opened and raised up to soak in the morning sun.  It was very little, and very pretty.

I cannot help myself, but I love to notice the way shadows are cast by the sun.  The path looked permanently striped by the shadows of the trees. 

Look at this... such a cool hill. I could imagine sledding down it, and C-tina could imagine sledding and crashing into a tree.  This prompted a lovely memory and shared story of sledding in my childhood.  Perhaps I'll share it here again sometime.

I once shared with C-tina that I am a forest child at heart and sometime hate the restriction of the paths. when I see the woods like this, I want to jump the path and go running wildly and freely through the trees, returning only when I am muddy and have sticks and leaves tangled in my hair.  

We laughed at the imagined picture.

And I know that there must be so many others like me out there, otherwise, why would they feel the need to post these lovely signs every now and again?

In fact, just a few yards down from that sign, was this sign:

While I detest the restriction of those "reminder fences", I completely understand the need for them... and for the signs.  For while I would try and not damage my surroundings should I step off the path, I know there are many others who would litter and vandalize.

Like these people... who stepped off the path to carve all of their initials into this poor tree.  Stupid people can't read, apparently.

We couldn't fit all of you in the photo, but here we are.  Sing with me... "Me, and my shadow..."

There was a big hill coming up, and we had never gone this way before... it was a pleasant and welcome surprise to see stairs.

Yes, the stairs were very welcome.

At the bottom, I turned around and looked back up.  I had to snap the shot and just as I did, C-tina made the comment that it was that type of photo that looked like it would have an inspirational quote.  I thought that statement was perfectly inspirational. 

I love to see that even though there is desth in the forest, shown in this fallen tree... that rebirth is all around, as demonstrated by the green growth.  How true to life.  And not just with the death of somone and the birth of someone new... but the "death" of one day, even, and the new morning that comes.  Or the change of a job, and the adventure of a new one, like The Hubs has been experiencing this week.  Or the upcoming end of my 39th year of life... and the unknown wonder of my 40th still ahead of me.  It all walks hand in hand.

We stopped, just before the end of the walk, to rest upon a bench.  Looking up, the sky was just so brilliantly blue already in the morning.  Don't you think?

Well, we're ending our walk together... let's give it one more glance before we move on to our day..

I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful day.  And thank you for walking with me yesterday. I truly enjoyed every second.


  1. So beautiful! I truly feel like I've taken this walk with you :-) And what a good time we had! x

  2. Thank you for the wonderful walk! It was beautiful. I feel refreshed! Thank you!!!

  3. It was a good walk. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow. Is it really going to be Monday already?

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! Lisa L.

  5. Fantastic post and photos...just lovely!

  6. Thanks for taking me on your walk - it was absolutely gorgeous! I'll go walking with you any day! ;)


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