February 13, 2010

Sunshine & Passion

Did you ever wake up the next morning, pause in bed and then take a deep breath, letting it out into a sigh and feel how completely wonderful the previous evening or day was?  That's me, today.  The Hubs and I had a "date night" last night.  I can't remember the last time we went out, just us... way too long, for sure.  It was nice to get away even if only for a traditional dinner and a movie. 

Truly, the date night started early because, for me, it began at work when I received  these absolutely gorgeous roses for Valentine's day.

You know, a man gets bonus points for sending flowers to a place of business, because not only is that a very public display of affection, but it is also a way to make every female around the recipient jealous as hell!  Well... maybe not JEALOUS, but, well...I sure received quite a bit of attention in my office after receiving these beauties.  And the bonus points only last if he doesn't go overboard... like... men, don't send 365 roses for your one year anniversary (a rose for each day)... no.  Too much. 

But I digress...

I am not a cut flower person.  I don't HAVE to have them.  And The Hubs doesn't give them to me often, and that's quite fine.  It makes receiving them that much more touching and special... warm and fuzzy.  But I'm especially a sucker for yellow roses.  Maybe because I don't see them often.  Not nearly as much as white or pink or red. They are one of my most favorite flowers.  Yellow roses stand out to me and they softly embody sunshine.

These particular roses are highlighted in orange... which reminds me of a burning sunrise.  Or a heated sunset.  And they smell wonderful... not overly cloying like a rose in the heat of the sun, but softly and freshly scented.  They are the most beautiful yellow roses I have ever received. 

A great start to our date night.  We went to dinner at O'Charleys - Yum!  And then off to see Avatar in 3D.  I am in love with this movie as well.  I would live on this world if I could.  It was a wonderful night.

The Hubs. He did good.

Today is "In Love With Me" day... and Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is hosting a Cyber Crop.  That's a crop in your own home but with a ton of women cropping with you around the world, connected together only by a computer.  It's from 11am-10pm Eastern Time... so whereever you are in the world today, figure out what time that is in your time zone and then join us.  This month's emotion at SFTIO is PASSION (go figure... doesn't that fit right in with my post title?).  Please, come join us today at our crop celebrating YOU and stick with us all month long as we celebrate the various passions in our lives!

And perhaps, if I can get my eyes off these roses, I'll have a layout or two to share here with you.  Imagine... actual scrapbooked items on my blog!  No, no... don't faint... it could be possible!

For now, I must get ready.  I have to put these on my scrapbook table for inspiration:

Yeah, he did good.


  1. so glad you had such a wonderful date, Your flowers are gorgeous!

  2. The roses are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a GREAT date!!


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