March 5, 2011

My Soul Restoration (Blog Hop & Giveaway!)

I have mentioned previously, only briefly, that I was participating in the Soul Restoration class taught by Melody Ross (accompanied by a slew of wonderful people!).  For a long while now, I've been receiving the Brave Girls Club daily emails and they often talk about Brave Girls Camp.  I knew I might never have the money or the opportunity to attend one of these, although I truly longed to do so... so when Soul Restoration appeared on the horizon, I leapt at the opportunity.

Soul Restoration is like a "mini" Brave Girls Camp, only it's not really "mini" at all.  So many women (over 700!) from all around the world signed on to this class that began in January, seeking truth, to heal and live the life they were meant to live.  I didn't know what to expect when I signed on, but even if I had expectations, this would have exceeded them.

Because this class deals with such deep emotions and concepts, ancient and fresh wounds, treating yourself well, being gentle, learning to hear the truth instead of the echoing lies, it truly is a very personal journey that only you will truly understand when you are looking at it from within.  Because of this, I don't feel I can share too many pictures or details of the work/art I did or all that I gained by participating, and honestly, I'm still working through the projects and the lessons. 

But I can tell you this:
  • If you feel broken, lost, perpetually wounded, directionless or feel like you're missing out on something; if you've questioned why you're "here"; if you're over-sensitive; if you seem surrounded by people that sabotage or hurt you more often than lift you up and support you... even just a very little bit... then this class can help.
  • If you want to explore who you really are, what you're really meant to do, what path to follow, then this class can teach you how to start to find some of those answers.
  • If you want to heal old wounds, or new... this class can be part of the salve.
  • If you want to find confidence, feel worth again, and trust in yourself 100%, then this class is for you.
  • If you want to smile, laugh, cry, create, dream, hope and believe... you might want to check this class out.
  • If you want to stop living life on auto-pilot and instead LIVE, this will help you do that.
I will share that despite not yet having finished all of the curriculum, I am a different person.  And I'm continuing to become a different person... and that person is the True Me.  From the inside out.  I'm not "there" yet... not 100%... but I'm so much farther along than I was a few months ago.  A better person.  Closer to being a person I can love and forever let go of the lies that often control my thoughts.

Throughout Soul Restoration, I often recalled a brief conversation from the movie Pretty Woman:

Vivian: People put you down enough, you start to believe it.
Edward:   I think you are a very bright, very special woman. 
Vivian:  The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?
Aside from the deep lessons, while doing the "homework" projects, I was able to play with so many different art techniques and expanded my mind with regard to different mediums and creativity.  I began my very first art journal and I'm loving it.  I created some mini-albums that I will be looking at and re-looking at for years to come, as they have become my "manual" on who I am, who I want to be and how I want to live. 

my first art journal

If you are interested in learning more, please continue on in this wonderful Soul Restoration blog hop and hear about other people's perspectives and what they have taken away from it.  At the bottom of this post is a list of participants in the order of the hop, so if you'd like to go back to the beginning to start the entire ride, you may.  Or, if you already joined me from Juel's Colorful Moments blog, then you are well on your way to hopping around the rest of the Soul Restoration blog hop.  I'll lead you on to your next stop in a few minutes... but please keep reading...

If you want to join up and experience the deep power and the fabulous fun of this online class taught by Melody Ross, there is another Soul Restoration looming on the horizon.  Two, actually:

Soul Restoration I - Finding Your Truth (the class I participated in) is a six week course beginning April 5th, 2011 ($99 - Register Here)

Soul Restoration II - Living Your Truth (for graduates of Soul Restoration 1 only) is another six week course beginning June 7th, 2011 (also $99 - Register Here)

Now, I know that sometimes you really, really want to do something, but that "money thing" gets in the way.  I've been there, often, with smaller costs than this class.  Last fall, when I was struggling, I was so astounded and appreciative when someone had lent me an "out of the blue" helping hand.  Well, today I'd love to pay it forward, so to speak, and help one of you out.  Read on for a great opportunity!

If you would LOVE to take Soul Restoration 1 and just don't feel you can foot the bill, I would love to pay your $99 tuition for you.  This is only for Soul Restoration 1, so make sure you are ready to restore your soul and find your truth.  If you can devote the time you'll need to spend over the course of the six-week workshop and you would like me to enter you into the drawing, please leave me a comment about why you'd like to explore Soul Restoration and include the statement "I'm ready to be brave and restore." and you will be in the mix!  You can leave a comment until Tuesday, March 8th at midnight Eastern Time.  I will post the winner of the drawing on my blog post in the evening of Thursday, March 10th. 
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Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hello Brave Girlfriend!!!
    Well said! I especially loved this;
    "manual" on who I am, who I want to be and how I want to live

    I may have to use this one?
    Chat tomorrow...moving along now...

  2. Oh, forgot...
    how generous you are with your giveaway...whoever wins will get to be as lucky as us!!!

  3. After reading this, I'm feeling so inspired to continue working on my soul restoration, I haven't finished the curriculum, but shall keep working through, I am doing it anyway ;)
    What a wonderful generous gift you are offering!! hope to see you in part 2.

  4. Oh my!! Talk about building the sisterhood of Brave Girls!

    Well, as I see in this blog hop, I am ready to be brave and restore!
    All the sites I've been to so far show just how restoring Melody's class is. Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat in her next one!

  5. Wow Kai! What an incredibly heartfelt prize you're giving someone. It will change their life forever. Hugs and hugs again. ♥

  6. What an amazing opportunity you are offering to one of your readers. I haven't finished Soul Restoration yet but the lessons and truths I have learned have been life-changing as well.

  7. Kathy,
    what a wonderful gift you are giving to someone. I "won" my place in SR, and actually a few of the girls helped me pay for SR 2... so I know how awesome this gift is. Thank you for sharing you with us... you are awesome.

  8. Kai - I am so happy for you that this course meant so much to you.

    I have to admit that when you posted about it earlier, I followed the link, looked at the course, and balked at the price tag. I feel that "The Gifts of Imperfection" (and Brene's earlier book - "I Thought It Was Just Me") started this Journey for me, but I'm still a work-in-progress as well. Aren't we all?

    Your glowing recommendations are enough to convince me that this course should be on my "to do" list sometime this year. But since you are offering, I too am ready to be brave and restore. Maybe it will end up on my list sooner rather than later!

    Hope you are enjoying your crop!!!

  9. WOW!!! You put this soooo beautifully!!! Everything I felt you said perfectly:)

    And you Art Journal is amazing...and the gift...what a generous and kind soul you are!!!:)

    I have already signed up for Part 2!


  10. Kai,

    You are so incredibly amazing, I am proud to call you a Soul Sister. Hugs and more Hugs for paying it forward.

  11. Kai!! Great post - enjoyed every word. You're a beautiful brave girl!!

  12. Your art journal is simply gorgeous! thanks for sharing :-)

  13. Hopped on By~ Great Work!

    Following you now too!

  14. I love pretty woman and I thought of that during the class too! I connected with you! Yay Brave Girls Tribe!

  15. Love how the class transformed you! And the Pretty Woman touch is so fitting! I won a spot in SR1 and I'm soooo thankful for that! You are so generous!! Good luck all you fine Ladies!

  16. I love pretty woman!
    Your art is so soothing
    Brave Girls Rock!!!

  17. Wonderful post and such a great givewaway. Can't wait to spend time here and see what other inspirations you have.

  18. Kai,
    So lovely to meet you I am just about to embark on the 'Soul Restoration Journey.'
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
    Keep smiling and creating

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I am lucky enough to see these changes in you first hand and I'm always inspired by how strong you are. I could say a lot more, but I don't want to be overly sappy on your blog comments (and make myself cry). I think the class sounds amazing and would love a chance to take it. You don't have to enter me in the giveaway, since I am sure there are other people that could use it more or benefit from the gift, but if you want to enter me, i wouldn't be upset. ;) Love you friend!

  21. Brilliant blog, post and giveaway, please don't put me in the draw as I'm an SR#1 Alumni :)

  22. So wonderful that you are giving the opportunity to some future Brave Girl! I loved this class, even though most of the time I could only focus on my own tragedy (the untimely death of my son). I am looking forward to BG2, and know that I will get even more healing from that.
    I love your posts.

  23. Kai... I'm so sorry-- I was readingthe comment above as I typed and I put Kathy's name in instead... my apologies sweet girl.

  24. Thanks for sharing your journal. I love it.

  25. Well you have convinced me, this is a workshop I need to take. I have felt sort of lost and wandering my whole life, there are many reasons for this, too many and some too ugly to go into here. But at 43 I am going through "changes" and
    "I'm ready to be brave and restore."

  26. What a great, generous giveaway! The course sounds wonderful.
    Love your blog - lots to see!
    Please enter me in your giveaway! Thanks!

  27. What a kind and lovely offer!! I have all faith it will land in the hands of someone who needs it. :)

  28. Wow, Kai - your words are truly inspiring and I know anyone that has come to your blog today that had any doubts about taking Melody's workshop are going to get it! You totally rock on your give-a-way too. <3

  29. How very, very generous of you, dear Brave Girl! Loving you for that.

    I know someone who is no longer on auto-pilot...YOU.

  30. Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Beautiful work. Love the stuff from Pretty woman. See you next round.

  32. I want to enter your contest, my email is

  33. Love your post. Love your generous heart. Love you, brave girl.

  34. Kai! Beautiful work - LOVE your take on SR...I have always known (reading your posts) that we were very similar. THEN I saw your prize and it left no doubt! It feels awesome to give the gift of Soul Restoration!!!!

    I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog- a work in progress, for sure!

    (PS still giggling that Pippa felt she had to mention that she was in SR1....who in our class DOESN'T know Pippa??)

  35. What a generous paying up gift for one lucky girl !I am thrilled to have signed up for the April Session. I can't wait after seeing all your girls have done during this last sesson. Is it April yet? Hope to see you at BGC !! Hugs.. Kristy.. Krissi57 at BGC

    I'm also follwing you now !! Hopping down the trail...

  36. Kai, beautiful post!!! You are so generous with your giveaway, someone is going to be very blessed!

  37. Kai,
    I have a confession to make...I visit your blog quite frequently. I must say, my fellow Brave Girl, your words never cease to amaze me.
    This post is beautiful. I truly look forward to sharing the adventures of BG SR2 along with you and all the other amazing women we have had the pleasure to get to know there.
    Your artwork is soothing and oh so inspiring!

    Many BG {{{HUGS}}}

    Sue Hetherington

  38. What a beautiful post! Keeping a lot of this process 'close to the vest' was out of character for me, but a major step in this quest. for the first time i protected my thoughts and feelings, 'my house' and set boundaries that i'd never dreamed of. i found a voice.
    sometimes i think we are all so much more alike than we are different when it comes to SR.

  39. I ummed and ahhed over taking soul restoration and kicked myself after it started as I know......

    I'm ready to be brave and restore.

    Your quote from the film is so true and has made me realise how I must stop and take note to help restore my belief in myself and the others around me.

    Thankyou for such a kind and genorous giveaway x

  40. Beautiful :) Thanks for sharing.

  41. That sounds amazing, I'm so glad it's meant so much to you. And how kind and generous of you to 'pay it forward' with this prize! I'm not putting myself forward for it because now isn't the right time for me, but I know someone who needs this is going to get a lot of benefit from it. Good for you xx

  42. Ahhh - this will truly bless someone. Loved this post and your art is awesome! Hugs, SJ

  43. What an awesome giveaway! You rock! And you're so right about that quote from Pretty Woman. So true. I think that's what I love most about this class--all the wonderful positive energy!

  44. OH, Kai...I love that I'm reading this post from you...It is awesome to hear that you have found so much in soul restoration...I too, wanted to go to Brave Girls camp...SO BADLY...but the money just wasn't there....I would love to do Soul Restoration...I think its funny that it starts on my birthday...Like God is telling me something...hello, felecia? are you paying attention? I'm trying to pay attention...I really really am...


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