December 12, 2010

Hunter... an update

As a family, we decided we wanted to get the surgery for Hunter, to remove his cancer.   If you missed my previous post, you can read about him and how we found out about the cancer here.  He went in last Thursday.  The surgeon called after it was over to let us know he had done well and that the mass in his lymph node was much larger than he'd expected after seeing the x-ray (or whatever they'd done before).  Thursday night, Hunter collapsed when they were taking him outside to go to the bathroom. He was bleeding internally, but the emergency vet got him fixed back up.

Because of that, though, he had to stay at the hospital for much longer than we anticipated. 

Thankfully, he's home as of this afternoon.  He's not a pretty puppy... shaved in places that aren't nice places to be shaved... especially since we've gotten several inches of snow today.  Poor puppy.  And when we can't watch him, he has to wear one of those silly inverted lampshades on his head.  Poor puppy.  We've got two weeks of recovery now... medicines and massages and hot compresses and cleaning and neosporin-ing...

But he's home.

That's what matters right now.


  1. Glad Hunter is home with your family!!

  2. I'm happy for you that he made it through surgery okay and is home now.

  3. Poor pooch - but so glad he's home with you and can just get better now xx

  4. the massages and hot compresses and constant love sounds like a good thing...but the! I'm glad he's home and doing well!!

  5. Glad he is home safe and sound x


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