November 28, 2010

Survey Says?

It seems like with the advent of email, Facebook and other electronic communication, the written word is a rare occurrence these days.  I have especially noticed this at the holidays... I used to receive tons of cards, but that has dramatically declined over the past 10 years.  I still like to send them out, and I admit some years I send them to a shorter recipient list (read: family only) than other years.  But I like to get them out to as wide an audience as possible... I just like to let people know I'm thinking of them. I should do this more often than the holiday season, I know, but sometimes that just is what it is.

So... what about you?  Do you send Christmas or Holiday cards out?  Do you send them to a large amount of people or a short list?  Do you include a note?  Or have you decided it's a waste of time and (stamp) money?  I want to know...


  1. We send Christmas cards every year, this year's list is a little smaller than normal as we've had lots of changes in our lives this year. Every other year we include a letter with the card and I try to include a personal note in each card.

  2. I always send cards and I like to put a note in with as many as I can - I still get cards from school friends and I look forward to their arrival every year. So I won't be giving up sending cards any time soon :)

  3. I definitely still send cards every year! My list used to be around 60. But I keep track of who reciprocates and after 2-3 years of no card, I'll drop that person from my list. So the list dwindles, but then new people get added. And the cycle continues. I doubt I'll ever stop sending!

  4. Yes, I have noticed that more people send their greetings by e-mail. Somehow it's not the same. I like to make the effort to send a real card, to show I have been thinking of someone, even if I only manage contact them that once in the year.

  5. I too prefer sending cards, it's much more personal than an email. It's sad that a lot of people are not sending them anymore, we definitely noticed an incline in the number that we received :)


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