March 13, 2010

Christmas Quirk

Here's one layout from my retreat.  It may be the only one you get to see, at least for a while.  My camera card reader is dying.  It will breathe a bit of life now and then, and when it does I transfer my photos to my computer, but I may have to visit a store soon to get a new one.  Stupid reader. 

Anyway, you may or may not know, but I have made a promise to myself to scrapbook all of our Christmases as a family (from 1998 to 2008) before I can get more photos printed.  And I have been scrappin' Christmas for 6 months now, at various retreats.  As an introduction to this layout, let me come right out and admit, I am a quirky person.  I don't think I am until I do or say something and then notice someone else look at me in such a way that screams at me "Crazy Person!"  I've been getting better about not feeling embarrassed or diminished by these things ... I am who I am.  And if I'm a bit quirky, well... ya just gotta love me for it, right?

So this layout talks about Christmas tree toppers.  I can't stand them!  Even more, I feel like they suffocate the tree.  It's bad enough we cut the poor tree down (and I'm completely against fake trees, too) and brought it inside a house and then slathered it with shiny balls and blinking bulbs... the poor thing should be able to breathe, right?  The Hubs, however, loves tree toppers.  So when we first started dating, we bought a beautiful angel.  After he placed it lovingly atop the tree, I felt my chest tighten.  A voice inside my head was screaming, "Get it off!  Get it off!"  It was the tree.  It had to be, or else I might have to commit myself to a psychiatric ward.  Yes, I suppose hearing a tree would be cause to commit myself, but let's just pretend, for the sake of arguement, that I'm like Dr. Doolittle, only I can talk to trees.  And flowers. 

I did mention above that I'm quirky, right?

So, a few years passed and every year we bought a new angel tree topper.   Every time we did, I thought something along the lines of "she's lighter" or "she's smaller" in the hopes that I could get past the tree not being able to breathe.  *sigh*  The angel pictured in the layout is the last topper we bought.  We no longer have one on our tree.  The Hubs finally conceded to my insanity.  Instead, the trees are all tall enough to hit the ceiling (not allowing for a topper) and now all of the angels line the tops of our bookcases as Christmas decoration.

And the tree and I both breathe easier.

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  1. Rofl. This post made me laugh so hard. I love it! Trust me, you are not the only strange person out there, I can totally sympathize about the weird looks. :)


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