November 3, 2010

Life is Good at Throwing Curveballs...

It amazes me, sometimes, how I can just plod along, moving forward in life, following the same old routines day in and day out.  Get up, shower, dress for work, get breakfast, drive to work, work, drive home, fix dinner, do some household chores, watch TV in bed, sleep and the whole thing starts over again (on most days).  It's habitual.  It's rote.  There are times when I arrive at work and don't remember large pieces of the drive!  How crazy is that?

Even when I'm aware and mindful, I have a plan, I follow the plan.  When I have a good plan in place I begin to feel peaceful about it... things are going "as planned".  I've paid this or that off "as planned".  We went to this or that event "as planned".  I blogged today, "as planned".

Then life throws you a curveball.

The hubs is pretty sick.  For the past three days, my life has been consumed with taking care of him... taking him to doctor's appointments, figuring out his medical insurance (which changed over on Tuesday from an old policy to a new one), visiting the grocery store and pharmacy several billion times (no, not really), visiting the hospital at o-dark-thirty-ungodly-hour-in-the-morning (yes, really). 

No work.

No "right choices" with food.

Prep for scrap-store classes? Nuh-uh.

Sleep?  Not no way, not now how.

And the things I'd planned on doing (for me) over the past week and a half?  Completely out of the picture.  No chance to really delve into Shimelle's True Stories class.  On an impulse, I registered for NaNoWriMo, but have I written my 1,667 words a day for three days?  Nope.  A less cluttered house?  Ha!  Haha! 


Just me. 

Standing at home plate. 

Swinging wildly at the curveball.


  1. I hope things start to look up for you again soon.

  2. Take a deep breath. No, seriously, do it - NOW. and repeat after me: "This too shall pass."

    Hope everything settles back to routine soon!

  3. I think that is called "alive"...or something like that...that's what I heard anyway...I've never seen it. It doesn't fit into my doesn' I often ignore it.

    Ok..on a more serious note...I hope the hubs is BETTER SOON!!! whether or not you return to your regularly scheduled ball game.


  4. Hang in there, and all your other stuff will be there for when things calm down a bit...your hubby is priority right now.
    Lots of thoughts are with you chicken.


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