November 17, 2010

Lady Gaga a la Dudes

I like Lady Gaga... some of her music... but I'm even more impressed when I see others recreate her tunes. 

Like Greyson Chance:

He has now been signed by Ellen Degeneres on her new music label. I'm so impressed with kids who have such talent!

But this is the best yet.  It was shared with me on Facebook and I love to watch it.  They did such a great job!

As I'm on a scrapbook retreat at the moment, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite internet "funsies" lately.  I'll try to post photos tomorrow of the scrap craziness goin' on around here! 


  1. they are both brilliant thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great! And listening to it thoroughly annoyed my teen this morning!

  3. They are great, have fun at your retreat :)


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