May 30, 2012

Confessions of a Chronic Over-Committer...

I used to work at a scrapbook store.  For nearly eight years.  And during much of that time, I wished I didn't work so much.  I thought of all the things I could be doing if only I didn't work two jobs.  I loved that store and could never bring myself to quit (except once, but it was only for a month).  Almost one year ago, it close down.  At the time I thought, finally, I will have time to myself to do what I want to do!  

[insert maniacal laughter here]

I first decided to begin concentrating more on my fitness and health.  I decided that I would spend every spare waking minute scrapbooking.  I thought I could get my yard in order and actually grow plants and flowers instead of weeds.  I thought I'd be able to clear out that "spare" room downstairs that is storing boatloads of crap. All the wallpaper in the house? I'd get it all down and repaint.  I would read more books, write more blog posts and dabble with drawing and art journaling.  I promised to cook more and weed through my recipes, saving only the ones we loved.

[insert exhausted laughter, bordering on near-hysterics, here]

Well, I have scrapbooked more.  But not enough to feel I have accomplished anything... for myself.  I have read more books (yay!) but most of them have been in the past 2-3 months!  I have ripped wallpaper down from my bedroom and repainted it, with the help of The Hubs, but we haven't 100% finished it (hence the no "after" photos posted here yet).   I have made those recipe books, but haven't done much transferring into them.

That spare room downstairs?  You can only walk one foot into it before encountering junk.  (Very, very sad confession time coming up...) I have blankets and linens waiting downstairs by the washer and dryer to be cleaned... from LAST spring cleaning!

[covers my eyes and shakes my head]

What have I spent my time on?  Working out... that I can say I have accomplished.  Spending time with friends.  I have done many an outing that have created wonderful memories with friends and family.  Selling tea... not a lot of time and that's only recently...

And yet, even though I feel I haven't spent enough time "doing what I want to do", I still say "yes" when people ask me to do things.  I seriously do not know how to say "no".

Hi, I'm Kai, and I'm a chronic over-committer.

Would anyone else out there want to join my one-person self-help for over-committers group?  Because I'm seriously thinking of starting one.

Except.... hmmmm...

That would mean I'm committing to one. more. thing.

(please share with me... if you are not a chronic over-committer... how do you do it?)

May 15, 2012

Online Crop Opportunity

Hey all... want to join in some fun this weekend (and beyond)?  Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is hosting a cyber crop beginning this Friday.  It's full of fun, games, prizes, challenges, chats and more.  No need to be a kit subscriber.  Just sign up for the community forums (it's free!) and hop in.  Hope you can join us!

May 14, 2012



Is this thing on?

*brushes the dust off and blows away the cobwebs*

Well, hello there!  How have you been?  I have so missed chatting with you. I think of you every day, actually.

My goodness, where did I disappear to?  Well, let me see.  I have been working very hard lately at my fitness foibles, and will be updating that page soon.  I have been more focused on eating healthier choices and putting more effort into my workouts with the sadist.  I hope to continue my Zumba endeavors, but had to take a break when I hurt my ankle.  I don't know what happened, but it became a "trick" ankle, only causing me pain every once in a while when I stepped down on it a certain way or twisted in one direction or the other.  It's much better now.

I have spent a bit of time on my new tea business and finding that this tea is so very different than any others that I have tried in the past.  The last party I had, there were several women there who emphatically did not like tea, and by the end of it, they actually purchased some of this brand.  It's quite delish.  Just as good are the scones and dips.  Very yummy.  I hope to try them all so if anyone has any questions, you can just hit me up in email!

I've been a traveling fool, spending time at my parents' house at the beginning of May.  This was a great trip with a lot of fun surprises and time spent with some family members who I have not seen in 8 years!  More recently, a group of friends traveled on a "Girls Road Trip" to the Great Lakes Mega Meet scrapbooking expo in Michigan last weekend.  Ooooh, boy, did I drop a pretty penny there.  When I get it all unpacked I'll be back to share photos.  I promise!

Last, but not least, I was commissioned to create a scrapbook for a friend for Mother's day by her partner.  It was a little short of notice for my comfort level, but it was done in time, with photos left over that I can still create pages to add later.  She also said she'd commission me to create more as time goes on, so this was a nice little project on the side.

This month's craziness isn't coming to a halt yet, but it is slowing down.  This week (Thursday) and the weekend I will celebrate my birthday but beyond that? I have some breathing room.  I hope to be back here more frequently.

Yes, yes, I know I've said that before, but I mean it!  I have so many things to share, to talk about, to show you.  I have missed so many 10 things on the 10th and Storytelling Sundays.  I have so much to get caught up on!

So... I will see you soon!


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