December 1, 2010

What Today Brought Me...

…a great deal of positive feedback on a project I’ve been working on at my day job over the last month.

…Tim Holtz’s first tag in his 12 Tags of Christmas series (how happy am I?!)

…snow. We got snow for the first day of December. It didn’t stick, but it sure was pretty to watch as it came down from the sky.

…a surprise ability to solve someone else’s problem relatively easily.

…the first day of this winter season where I got to wear my black fuzzy gloves with purple fuzzies around the wrists.

…a reminder phone call. Sometimes they are so needed and I am grateful when I get them.

…several items checked off of my “to do” list, both personally, and professionally.

…a moment to just breathe.

…ongoing reminders that I’m doing something to improve my health.

…the ability to breathe just a little bit better (congested due to cold over the past 5 days).

…a yummy scented candle from my business buddy.


I hope today brought you lots of good things ... especially smiles.


  1. So December is off to a good start! I am telling you Kai, this month is going to ROCK!

  2. Lots of lovely things to kick off December :)


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