March 30, 2012

I'm Wading Back...

A few of my friends and I have had some scrapbook retreats or adventures planned out since January (and out through May!).  It's been a blast! If I've done nothing else in 2012, I  have spent time with friends, scrapbook shopping, cropping and learning new things.

I know, I know... I've been neglecting YOU.  I'm getting back on a roll, here, so please indulge me at least for the rest of this month, and I'll be back with gusto.


What was that?

You're kidding me!!




And... wait, what was that?

It's the first Sunday of the month? 

Well ca-rap.  That means it's Storytelling Sunday!

Okay, well... indulge me, please for another two days.  I will work hard in the next 48 hours to whip my life together, at least enough to join my online clan in blogworld.  Because it's sad in cyberspace alone.  I'm ready for a party.  I hope you're interested in joining me...

So, I'll see you soon!  I'll bring the pretzels, okay?

(Oh, and PS... Happy Birthday CT and DAD!!)

March 20, 2012





 Green Grass!

Kids Playing Outside!

It was over 80 today!

So nicely fitting for the first day of spring.

Happy Spring!

March 16, 2012

A New Book Review

The Hubs was looking for the tissues and I said, "they're on the couch." 

"Why are they there?" He asked.  I said, "because I was crying."  The Boy and The Hubs looked at me.  "WHY?" They said in unison. 

"This book is sad," I said. 

It was left unsaid, but what I "heard" next was, "Then WHY are you reading it?!"

Why don't guys understand that a good cry is sometimes just that... good?


*sniff*  *snuffle*

I just finished this book.  As in, *just* finished this book.

I must say... it was REALLY good.  Very.  But you'd better have a brand new box of tissues sitting next to you, extra soft.   I'm reading it for a book club and I got midway through when I texted a friend who is also in the book club.

"Have u finished the book?"  I asked.   

A simple reply, "Yes."

Me again, sniffing and having a tough time breathing, "PLEASE tell me it has a happy ending, I'm running out of Kleenex."

"Haha, it does!"

Whew... and so I kept reading.  Whether or not it had a happen ending, I HAD to keep reading.  It was that engaging.  I finished it two hours later....and nearly one whole box of tissues... gone.  And I cried to the VERY END.

So, I highly recommend this, if you can handle a good cry.  It will particularly affect moms, and teens, and adults who REALLY remember what it was like to be a teen, and moms of teens.

I strongly recommend NOT reading this if you are a mom of teen twins.  Yes, that means you, Cheri.  Unless you think you can handle it.  Because it's tough, man, it's really rough.  So, yeah... Cheri... don't read this. 

But for everyone else who can handle a good cry?  I recommend it.  I really do.

I have to go find something to laugh at now.

(If you do read it, I'm interested in what you thought.  Except you, Cheri. Don't read this book.)

March 12, 2012

You Know What They Say About Curiosity Killing The Cat?

As many of you know, I have a bit of a zoo in my house.  Four cats and one dog at the moment.  I feature the furred ones frequently on the blog, such as this post about my geriatric kitty Rikki, when Sparky took over my blog, and there have been various pictures of my-cat-named-Mouse and Ashes the devil cat.

Oh... poor Ashes.  We've been dealing with her chewing her fur off for about 4 months now.  We have treated it with steroid shots... which help, but only for a month... and we can't keep giving them to her or they can cause other issues.  Because the last steroid shot has worn off, she has about a 3-inch by 2-inch patch of fur missing from the base of her tail up her backbone. 

It's really so sad.  She just chews and chews. We're working on food allergy as an option now, but that could take months to figure out if it is the problem. 

In the meantime, I keep an eye on her whenever I'm home, trying to continually distract her from chewing at her bare bottom.  This past weekend while I was swapping some laundry from the washer to the dryer, she walked into the laundry room (also where the litter boxes are).  I stopped and watched her for a moment, but it appeared like she was going to go to the litter boxes.  So, I continued transferring clothing to the dryer and started it up. 

The next time I looked up, I didn't see her so I looked over my shoulder to see if she was at the litter boxes.  Nope.  Hmmm... okay.  Shrugging, I figured she'd left the room so I turned my attention to putting laundry into the washer.  That's when I discovered THIS:

Thanks goodness I looked before I started tossing clothing in!

March 7, 2012



So... I didn't come back on Sunday (or before) to talk about my Monkees storytelling Sunday.

And... I haven't yet come back to share with you the rest of the bedroom renovation.

On top of it all, I've been to two weekend crops and haven't shared anything I've done at either of them with you!

Man, I'm a selfish girl.

Keeping all that to myself.  I'm sure you're at a loss without my sharing of all things Monkees, bedroom and scrappy.  Well, perhaps not so much the Monkees. 

What can I say?  Sometimes life... just happens.

In brief... I have been working hard at nutrition and exercise... I have been weeding through boxes of cah-rap from the "old" bedroom that I refuse to bring back into the "new" bedroom...I have had two cats need vet time and, as a result, a bit more money pouring out in their attention (one is geriatric and needs extra special care, the other has been chewing her fur off)... I have spent many a day working on various scrappy projects, and have had a friend come over frequently on the weekends where I have been helping her on her projects, including a 20x20 canvas family tree... I have been working on an extra special project that has been in the works for years and I've finally made progress on it... and, I truly have spent a lot of time just wasting time (watching TV, surfing the 'net, etc.)...

... and parts of me are just exhausted.

But I'm not gone.  I haven't given up on this blog... I haven't given up on my desire to write more... and I haven't given up on all of my bloggy friends out there, even if I haven't been commenting on your lovely posts.

I hope you will please be patient and not give up on me.

In the infamous words of the original Terminator,  "I'll be back!"

That's a promise, not a threat.


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