September 26, 2011

It's Here!

I'm trying not to blink, or I'll miss it!  But autumn is here; it's finally here! (Actually, by the calendar it officially arrived last Friday.) Every year I say I “miss” fall because it goes by so quickly and every year I feel like I don’t get time enough to “catch it” even if I promise myself. The tradition seems to continue…

Lately, the weather hasn’t been conducive to much “outside” fun, so I’ve been spending the cooler, rainy days inside working on a few things for an upcoming craft bazaar, as well as thinking about all the Christmas cards I still have yet to make. And the Christmas presents. Oh! And all of the classes I started! No matter, once I get them done (or near done), I do promise to share pictures.

For now, as time is short, here is a “tease”…

How have you been spending YOUR days lately?

September 22, 2011

Visiting the Sadist

If you're new to my blog, you may not know who I'm referring to, when I say "the Sadist".  She is my personal fitness trainer.  And I call her that to her face, so I don't feel guilty using that as her pseudonym here, on my blog.  She laughs...then tells me to do something more that makes me cry.  It's all equal.  Right?

I thought I'd take you on a quick tour of her in-her-home gym.  Yes, I work out in her house (or her back yard or her driveway and street, or in the library parking lot next door... she likes variety).   In this first picture, I am standing at one end of her basement, taking a photo of the other half.  Conveniently, as I was extremely sweating and in much pain at this point in time, I am missing from the photo, even as a reflection in the mirrors.  I'm crafty that way.  The beautiful gal in the red shirt sitting on the bench is... THE SADIST. 

She is scheduling our next beating work out.

There is a gal reflected in the mirror there.  That's my friend, and work out partner... whom I will refer to as The Bride, as she recently got engaged (wedding date October 2012).  We are good partners for each other because she pushes me with plyometrics and aerobic activities, and I push her with weights (see that "weight tree" at the end of the room?) because I lift heavier weights that she does, typically.

To the right is a doorway next to The Sadist where her punching bag and boxing gear lives.  Trust me, it's alive.  Hidden away in the closet straight ahead are several balance balls, medicine balls and elastic bands used for resistance training.  Probably jump ropes are in there too, and I think there's a weighted hula hoop.  The items hanging on the wall inside of the closet are medals.  The Sadist is an accomplished runner and competes in many half marathons and recently enjoys doing Hell Runs.

But I digress...

In the next photo, below, you'll see a better shot of The Bride and more of the torture devices located in the Sadist's basement.

Just when you start thinking you're used to all of her torture devices (aka fitness equipment), she wanders off and acquires something new... and more tortuous than what you experienced before. I wanted to introduce you to "someone" special, who resides over at the Sadist's house.  I lovingly call it my nemesis.  The Sadist acquired my nemesis early on in my relationship with her.  From the beginning, I simply thought it was the most frightening thing I've ever seen:

I hated it on sight. 

I can't begin to describe to you the mortification I felt the first time I tried to do any of the moves on this... this... piece of pure evil!  Or the second time... the third.  Very recently, I was able to "conquer" a piece of this infernal contraption.  I was recently actually able to get my knees on the seat (a massive feat in and of itself when you're as short as I am) and, grabbing the topmost handles, do a few pull ups. 

Wait!  Don't get too excited... I was not able to pull myself all the way up (picture a grade school chin-up and me not succeeding at that).  I was however, able to pull my weight up enough so that it wasn't completely supported by the "seat" of the vile thing.

On that day, I promised myself that someday...someday... IT would be scared of ME!

Looking at these photos, it all looks so TAME down there.  But it isn't.  It SO isn't!  And yet, like the Energizer Bunny, I keep going, and going, and going... (yay me!)

I have so much more to tell you in so many areas of my world, including the "conclusion" of my 21-day eating plan... but fall is here, which means that my life just got exponentially busier (why?!  I want to enjoy fall!)... but, I'm working out a plan of attack so nothing gets lost in my shuffle!

September 19, 2011

A Little Crafty to Share

I was away for my scrapbook retreat this weekend.  I don't have enough time to share the details of the weekend (it was not all good), but I did want to quickly pop on by and share with you one layout I created, inspired by Cheri and her layout using the same quote.

It is something I need to embrace.  I often feel so much guilt at "playing", because I feel it is wasting time that I could have used doing something productive, like cleaning house.  For this reason, I have practically given up reading books this year (boo) because it "sucks up" so much of my time when I get absorbed.  I have also given up video games... something else I really enjoy but another time "sucker".  I haven't even played the Wii games Santa brought me last Christmas!  Well, one of the three I have, but not the rest.  How sad is that?

Ever since Cheri posted this quote, I have been carrying it around in my mind.  I need to absorb it and believe it wholeheartedly.  Hence, scrapping the layout so I could work on it for some time and have it ever present to remind me.

Bonus points for me - I finally used some of my Tim Holtz papers that I've been hoarding!  Yay!

September 17, 2011

Hills and Valleys...

The scrapbook retreat I'm on is almost over...

This makes me sad.

But I'll soon be back to posting more regularly.

This makes me happy.

Hills and valleys, people.  Hills and valleys.

September 13, 2011

Blog Hop and Giveaway…Join Us and Create Your Future at CRAFT!

Hellllooooo my happy, scrappy, creative friends!

Welcome to the CRAFT: Creating Reflective Art for Transformation Blog Hop! This event is brought to you by our team at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, you certainly may have heard of them from previous blog posts of mine.  It is one of my favorite places online and it is the ONLY place to go for all the inspiration you'll ever need to explore your inner world. 

Hey, take note, if you're just beginning here at my blog.  I want you to be able to get a chance to WIN an awesome SFTIO kit. just make sure you begin at the SFTIO blog so you don't miss all sneaky peeks and your chance to win one of five kits! If you get lost, a list of all the stops on the hop is at the end of this post.  More details about how to qualify to win a kit also keep reading...

First, let me share a little about CRAFT with you, because there are still spaces left and you will not want to miss out on this unique getaway.  YOU TOTALLY DESERVE to be pampered.  You won’t want to miss the projects that will expand your heart.  And what better way to do all of this but by three full days of crafting, creativity, openness, and camaraderie?

Only $450!
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Six talented and well-known instructors will be leading creative and meaningful workshops using our generous sponsors’ latest and greatest products at this intimate, boutique event right on the beach in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, November 11-13, 2011. You’ll spend a magical weekend focused on embracing who you truly are and gaining the skills, techniques and tools to use our craft to understand yourself more deeply on an ongoing basis.

Here's some teaser information and sneaky peeks about what you will enjoy, who will be there and who has sponsored this amazing event:
  • 6 emotion-focused, technique-teaching personal workshops ~ All CRAFTers participate in every class. No need to choose ~ they're ALL yours in CRAFT’s ocean-view, beautifully styled, creative space
  • 4 special Art & Soul experiences
  • Scrumptious breakfasts & lunches from Hollywood hot spot Urth Caffe Friday, Saturday & Sunday
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  • Oodles of workshop supplies (you’ll just need to bring your basic tool kit – checklist to be provided later)
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Want more details?  Visit here for all the skinny on the fabulous instructors, the projects, the venue and more!  But don't go there and forget to finish the blog hop... because you want to make sure you comment on every blog for your chance to win.  Here's the inside scoop on the giveaway:

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For your best opportunity to win, keep on hopping!

Hopping Path:  If you want to start at the beginning make sure you go to SFTIO's blog first, but if you want to keep hopping along, head on over to Tattered Angels blog next for more fun information and sneaky peeks!   Good luck!  I hope you are able to join us at CRAFT!


September 12, 2011

Growing Pain...

Last month at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, we explored the topic of Growth.  One of the layouts I created was in response to this challenge:

Outgrowing - how do you know if you've outgrown a friend or a relationship? Is outgrowing about growing beyond or growing apart? How did you handle the separation? Have you been able to separate amicably, or with rancor? Has someone ended a relationship with you because they believed they had outgrown you? what about moving beyond or outgrowing family members? What part of separating from family is, for you, a natural or normal part of the maturation process?

Please create a LO about outgrowing a friend or family member, or a love interest.

For the design twist, please use floral or vine images to demonstrate a connection that veers away and separates. 

Here was my interpretation:

Journaling: We grew up together; played, swam, laughed & cried together. We shared our dreams for the future & our disappointments in the present. We had our first crushes together - on best friends just like us! Too bad growing up meant growing apart. Miss you!

The layout is about my childhood best friend Carrie.  I often still wonder where her path in life took her.  I would love to have an opportunity to sit down for a cup of tea or coffee or whatnot and chat with her.  We took such separate paths and hers, at the time of our diminishing friendship, was very rocky.  Mine has had its own bumps over time.  I would love to reminisce and catch up with her. 

This layout is my first exploration into our friendship. I have more to say and feel and get out on paper.  Definitely.

Do you have a childhood friend or boyfriend or someone else in your life who has somewhat disappeared?  Have you ever reached out and tried to make contact?  Or have you just let the past be in the past?

September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today...

If you were around ten years ago today, you most likely heard or experienced the horror that is referred to, at least in the States, as simply "nine-eleven".  Everyone has their own story as to where they were and what they were doing on 9/11.  I remember hearing about this phenomenon when I was a child... "where were you when JFK was assassinated?"... "do you remember what you were doing when Elvis died?"... "do you remember where you were when the wall between East and West Germany came down?"... "what about the space shuttle Challenger?"  Some of those events I have listed, I was alive for... in fact, all of them except one.  I remember all of them.  But nothing had as big of an effect on me as the attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington D.C.

On 9/11/01, I was no longer living in New York, and even when I was there, I didn't live in The City.  I suspect that if I were still living in my hometown in western NY state, I probably would have not felt any different than living where I do now in mid-Ohio.  Except, maybe...I wouldn't feel ashamed over some parts of the day.

The day started, for me, as any other.  I went to work like every other day.  I had the same frustrations as every other day.  I listened to the radio... but this day I'd put in a CD.  I remember leaving my office and walking toward the door of the suite only to have an office-mate come in, nearly in a panic.  He said, "a plane just hit the world trade center!"  I looked at him, dumbfounded.  Not because I was upset, but because I didn't understand WHERE the world trade center (shame) was, and... I simply didn't believe him (more shame).  This person had quite a history of embellishing stories and being very dramatic.  I continued on my way out of the suite, across the hall, and into our other suite only to bump in to the Senior Director of our office.  He said, "a plane just hit the world trade center!"  I nodded, feeling something growing in the pit of my stomach that this was more serious than I suspected and replied, "Mike just told me that!"  The Senior Director asked me to try and get our training room TV to work so we could see the news, so I headed back over to the suite where my office was.

On my way to jerry-rig the TV to have reception (with a paperclip, I might add), I stopped by another co-worker's office and repeated what everyone else had told me.  She was sitting close to her radio, and she said they had just broken into the middle of the song and announced it.

Those that were in the office all filtered in to the conference room, where I set up the TV.  We sat there, watching the smoke coming out of the North Tower, silence in the room.  My brain was spinning.  I wasn't sure what I was seeing.  I ... it's horrible to say this... but I was truly unaffected (shame).  I thought, for sure, that the fire was going to be put out, that people inside had an escape plan and route... that this was a weird fluke.  What was that pilot thinking?  I started wondering why the helicopters filming this didn't drop ropes down to people in the windows... or ... something. 

As we are watching, my brain spinning, I see a plane fly toward the World Trade Center and an explosion.  I look at the others around the table and I ask, "was that a plane?  Did that plane just hit the other tower??"  No one could answer me... we weren't sure if it was some sort of re-run broadcast from the first plane hitting... but then the newscasters confirmed what we had seen.  On live TV.  In my head I was just repeating, "oh my God, oh my God, oh my God."  What was I seeing?  What was going on?  Surely TWO pilots couldn't have screwed up that badly? 

The newscasters didn't even know what was going on.  I don't remember anyone mentioning"terrorists".  No one mentioned "hijacking".  Not yet.  Not for a while.  As the group of us sat in the conference room we chatted lightly.  Some people left to work (we work for a social services agency... like a hospital, we provide supports to people and couldn't just stop), others joined us. People came and went... some in quiet shock, some in tears.

I left briefly to try and contact my husband.  He hadn't seen any of this and was trying to pull up online.  They were jammed up so bad, he couldn't get any news.  I fed him updates throughout the day via email.

After a few minutes, I rejoined the group watching TV.  Soft conversation about what was going on, between commentary from the newscasters, kept my mind from spinning out of control.  I could not tear my eyes from the TV screen.  A new picture flashed for a moment on the screen and then, seconds later, it went back to the Trade Center towers.  Everyone looked around at each other, then the screen went back to the picture we'd all briefly seen.  I said, "Is that the Pentagon?!  What happened?"  No one answered.  We didn't know.  Newscasters stated that there was an explosion and fire at the Pentagon.  A few minutes later, newscasters confirmed that a plane had hit the Pentagon, I remember saying aloud, "What is going ON?"  Soon after, there was talk about terrorists and hijacked planes.  I vaguely remember hearing that all airports in the country had shut down, something I have never experienced in my lifetime. 

I was frozen in my seat. I could not keep my eyes off the TV.  A half-an hour later, the second tower that was hit disappears in a cloud of smoke and dust.  The silence in the room around me was deafening.  I still remember feeling that detached feeling... knowing that this was going to change my world, but at the same time, reacting to it as if it were a big Hollywood movie with amazing special effects.  Another half-hour passes and again, as I watch, the other Trade Center tower collapses.  Soon after, there are reports of another plane crashed in Pennsylvania.  My half-numb brain can't figure out why the terrorists would crash a plane in a field.  It's the next day before I understand what happened to the fourth hijacked plane.

Over time, we all return to working, always coming back to watch the TV for updates.  We light a candle in the afternoon and have a moment of silence. Some people left for home.  I continually update my husband via email.  I feel guilty for not believing Mike when he told me about the plane that morning.  The image of the second plane hitting the second tower is burned into my brain due to the numerous times the TV news replayed it.  I am scared.

When the workday is over, I head home.  I am hyper aware of how little traffic is on the road... how blue the skies were...of an American flag blowing high up in the breeze.  I live near the airport and as I head home, it is weird to not see any planes come in to land or taking off on their way to cities unknown.  I walk into my house and lie down on my bed, my windows open.  I am struck with how quiet it is. I never realized how much noise the airport...and the highway traffic nearby... made in my every day life.  I've never heard such silence in my home.  All low humming...of car traffic and air traffic...was simply gone.  It would be three days until I hear it again; the sound returning was just as strange.

I heard my neighbors talking to each other across my back yard, so I went out to join them until The Hubs got home from work.  We turned the TV on so he could see what he hadn't been able to all day from work.  By then, someone out there in the government or media had stopped the networks from replaying the images of the second plane hitting the second tower.  It would cause too much trauma (?) to the public.  It already had.  Still, we were transfixed, watching every minute until The Girl, who was just shy of 6 years old at the time, came over for visitation.  We turned off the TV to keep her from seeing it (she would later develop a fear of flying from watching the TV show Lost).  Because of this, we miss President Bush's address to the country. 

But we already knew...the world as we knew it...our world...had forever changed. 

I will never forget.

September 10, 2011

Tis the Season! (aka 10 Things...)

(Edit:  I woke up this morning and literally the first thing that popped into my head was TEN THINGS ON THE TENTH - and I realized I had to come here and edit my post in order to participate... so... bear with me as I add a few things to make it 10 Things That Tell Me Fall is Here

No, I’m not referencing Christmas or the winter holidays in my subject title… I’m actually referring to my favorite season of all… Autumn.

Fall is when I feel my absolute best.  The temperatures complement me the most. The bugs (shiver) are dying off.  The crickets are LOUD.  Everything feels a little more peaceful to me.  And even if the calendar tells me Autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 23rd, my body knows when fall begins for “realz”.

1.     My hair knows… because it stops frizzing.  It starts to have a different luster.  It works with me, not against me.  It is happy.

2.     My nose knows… because while I have allergies year round, fall is the one time of year when they actually diminish.  Yeah, I know… odd since most people have that dreaded hay fever during this time of year.  Not me.  My allergies lessen and that makes me happy.

3.     My nose knows more... because I can smell it in the air.  When the temperatures change, so does the scent the air carries.  I've definitely been getting whiffs of fall in the air.

4.     My lips know… because they chap.  They do this between every season, actually, and weeks before anything else indicates that the season changes.  My lips have been very chapped since August 22nd.  It’s the time of year when Blistex gets a lot of money from me.  

5.     My ears know… because the crickets are loud. This is probably noticeable because it’s cool enough at night to have my windows open and the air conditioning off, but it’s definitely a sign of late summer (when there are tons of crickets loud) sliding into early fall (when there are still a few crickets out there, hollering for their mates or telling the temperature or whatever they are doing.  I love falling asleep to that sound.  My ears also know because of the geese.  While mid-Ohio has geese year round (not something I grew up with noticeably in western NY), they cluster together and start flying in the fall.  In the spring and summer they walk everywhere, including stopping traffic to cross the streets.  But in the fall, they fly together, in that famous V shape.

6.     My skin knows.  My face clears up and is less red than when the heat is high.  I don’t have to wear make-up to even it out (although I do get very pale very quickly without that redness).  The rest of my skin, though it gets very dry in the winter, seems to “like” fall, as it tends to need less moisturizing than other times of the year.

7.     And my eyes… they seek all signs of fall.  The “V” of the geese, the changing of the leaves; seeking all of the sights of the changing of the season.  School buses!
8.     The muscles and pores – the very cells of my body – seem to know it’s autumn.  I feel more languorous, ready for the slowing down of nature.  I sleep longer, as if I am preparing for the hibernation in winter.

9.     The urge to cook and bake grows.  I never feel like baking more than I do in the fall.  It just seems the right time to be making comfort breads, sweet breads like zucchini and banana bread,  apple pies and crisps, pumpkin anything!  I've really been wanting to bake lately!

10.    Last but not least, I know fall is here when my annual fall scrapbook retreat looms on the horizon.  I've been going to a fall retreat for ... what?  I think eight years now!  It's the time that I create my Christmas cards and gifts, get away from the stress of the household and reeeeellllaaaaaaaxxxx.  And the hosts of the place where we go to can paper you like there's no tomorrow.  Wonderful!
My messy table is on the right. 

Tis the season – my favorite season.  Fall.  I can only hope and pray that I won’t “miss” it this year, like so many other years past.  It seems so fleeting.  I hope to “catch” most of it this year, taking time to breathe in deep breaths of cooling to crisp air, breathing in the sweet smell of the dying leaves, exhaling slowly… ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Yes.  Welcome, sweet autumn.

What’s your favorite season?

September 8, 2011

Learning New Things!

I didn't think I would make the time, but then I decided yes, I am participating in Shimelle Lane's Learn Something New Every Day class.  I actually attempted it last year, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous gift bearer, but I never finished.  I'm very sad at that, because I love the concept; I love the promise of new growth.  I love the prompts to keep your eyes and ears (and feet) aware for new experiences and lessons.  Why not take the traditional "back to school" month and actively seek to find a new awareness in each day?

So, here I am, back again.  I have given myself less expectations, this time around... and at the same time, MORE.  Instead of blogging every day about my new experiences, I am tracking them.  I am not one to be able to craft every day, but this year, I am planning to put all of my new learnings into a book.  I have not prepped it in any way, but I actually possess it.  I have also gratefully printed off Shimelle's graciously provided date printables and I am gathering my supplies.  I will, most likely, create the base pages of the album during my retreat next weekend.  But I may not finish it with photos until the very end.

I promise to share all of the bits and pieces of it as I get it accomplished.  (That said, I still haven't finished the MIMM class!)

For now, allow me to share my lessons, without elaboration.  The elaboration will come, too... that's one of the bits.  Or would that be one of the pieces?  Regardless... here is what I have learned in my first week of September 2011:

9/1/2011- Having a plan is always better.

9/2/2011 - A clean kitchen ALWAYS makes me feel more peaceful and happy!

9/3/2011 - My eyes consistently choose a bigger portion than my body needs.  My body needs to learn to win those battles.

9/4/2011 - A day solely for fun is very rejuvenating.

9/5/2011 - I am more at peace when I choose the healthy option.

9/6/2011 - Cricket chirps equals nature's thermometer. 

9/7/2011 - I will always succeed as long as I never give up!

Just a teaser for now... I'll come back as I develop the pages and give you more detail.  I hope you're willing to listen and learn what I've learned! 

September 7, 2011

A Different "Diet"...

So, y'all know I was recently on a new detox and eating plan.  I have to say it is one of the hardest things I've ever done and I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it and accomplishing it.  It really wasn't a "diet" in the sense that it was a temporary restriction of calories in order to lose weight on, and then you stopped it.  Yes, it did restrict my calories, but it moved me toward clean eating and whole foods.  I really hope to incorporate much of the eating style into my everyday life, and am actively working to accomplish this. 

What I didn't tell you is that I was double-dieting.  Back when the scrapbook store closed, a co-worker/friend of mine and I were talking about how much of the store's stock we owned and had stored in our own homes.  While it was something we were laughing about, over a week or so, it got serious.  Independently, we both "cleaned up" our scrapbook rooms and discovered, wow!  We really had a lot more than we thought!  She made the comment that she shouldn't have to buy anything for a very long while.  I agreed, thinking of my own supplies.

After pondering it for I couple of days, I came up with a challenge, which I proposed to her:

No buying new scrapbook supplies until January 2012.

I have to admit, she hesitated.  I couldn't blame her.  I mean, honestly?  The shopping and buying of the supplies is really half of the fun of scrappin'?  Agree?

But, then she agreed.  We set some ground rules and a start date and we were "off".  Before the official start day, I mentioned it to two other friends, one of whom also joined in on the scrapbook diet.

Here are the rules:
  • Absolutely NO purchasing of new scrapbook items.  Yes, we could receive gifts.  No, we could not ask someone to "gift" something to us.
  • Exception:  adhesive.  It is something we use up quickly and obviously couldn't continue to use up our stash without  having more of it.
  • Exception (later in the deal):  Cricut mats.  Some (all?) of us were struggling because our Cricut mats were losing their adhesive.  While I was able to temporarily restore my sticky with some intensive cleaning off of cat hair (not kidding), we agreed that if we absolutely needed a mat, we could purchase one.
  • If we break and purchase something scrappy:  the person who breaks first has to buy the other two dinner at their favorite, most expensive restaurant.
So far, we've all done superbly well.  Although, as I mentioned previously, when I was on the detox/diet, there was a certain crazy emotional aspect that came out.  In fact, one day I was so incensed over the raging emotions inside of me, I felt I was going to break and have a) chocolate or b) buy something scrappy.  Who knew that I was addicted to scrapbook shopping as a way to self-medicate my own emotions?

Thankfully, I reached out to my co-horts in this scrappy diet and was successfully talked down.  I was even more grateful that they were not in a weak moment themselves.  Otherwise, I might have found myself being preyed upon and egged on to buy something.  I made it through both "cravings" by the skin of my teeth.

As I have asked you in the past to keep cheering me on with my fitness foibles, I am also asking you to help keep me in check with regard to the scrapbook diet.  Honestly? I still haven't used enough of my supplies to warrant any purchase anyway, so I must get a move-on to deplete some of my supplies so I can add to them when we hit the new year! 

How's your stash looking?  Think you need to go on a scrapbook diet?  It's not as easy as it looks... I can attest to that!

(Speaking of my fitness foibles, I shall be updating my stats soon. I have a fitness assessment scheduled with the Sadist...)

September 5, 2011

What I Haven't Done...

Today is the last day of my three-day Labor Day weekend.  It has been a wonderful, "lazy" weekend. I have "allowed" myself to do only those things I want to do.  I have cooked a wonderful steak dinner for The Hubs' birthday celebration, even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow.  I cooked a wonderful steak & egg breakfast the following morning.  Yum! I have spent not enough time, but some, planning my  meals for the next two weeks so I can stop feeling lost. Most of all, I have spent a great deal of time in my scrapbook room both crafting and packing kits up for my next retreat.

This means, of course, that many things are piling up, and treatening to take over.  I suppose I ought to work on them today, even though I really want to still be "lazy".

What I haven't done this weekend:
  • laundry (well, I've done a few blankets, but not clothing)
  • dishes (we are nearly out of silverware)
  • housecleaning (although I did dust one bookshelf off when I put books back a friend had borrowed)
  • give the dog a bath (phew!  He needs one, too!)
  • declutter (sigh)
  • storytelling Sunday (OMG I missed it AGAIN!)
  • clear out the gardens for fall (like I ever do this)
  • visited blogs (I'm sorry!)
  • who knows what else is on my to-do list...
Do I feel like I wasted the weekend?  The three-day opportunity to get stuff done?


How have you spent your weekend?

September 2, 2011

A Little Lost...

image source

Have you ever set up a goal for yourself and went through battles and tested your willpower to get there?  And then, once you achieved the goal, you have that moment of total elation... total pride in finding your way to the promise you made to yourself?  And then, after that... have you ever felt lost?

That's how I feel at the moment.  Today will be the first day I get to choose my own menu.  Frankly, it's more than a little scary.

I will be setting aside some time this weekend to start planning menus for the next few weeks.  Up until my scrapbook retreat, I will follow the new-and-improved-Kai-eating-plan.  And, of course, I will resume it after as well.

My weekend is full... I'm so glad it is a holiday, three-day weekend.  It is full of all good things...things I want to do, like plan that menu, scrapbook, create my Learn Something New Every Day album, have some sweet quality time with The Hubs to celebrate his birthday, and begin my planning and packing for the retreat.  I will most definitely need that extra day.

First on my list?  To create that plan, so I can stop feeling so lost.

What's on your agenda this weekend?

September 1, 2011

Today is Day 21...

I did it!

I followed a very healthy, very strict meal plan for 21 days, including three consecutive and one independent day of "detox".

I did it!

I can't even explain the euphoria I feel over reaching this goal.  I am not a person who follows "diets".  I am someone who believes that "anything in moderation" is appropriate.  What I learned over the last three weeks is that what I perceived as "moderation" was really "excess".

What I learned:
  • Before this plan, I did not eat nearly enough fruits or vegetables.
  • Ice cream is not an every-day "need" or "reward".
  • If you eat healthy foods, cravings really DO go away.
  • You don't have to eat carbs to feel satisfied, as long as you do eat the right things to make up for that "craving".
  • This "way" of eating is not a "diet" and can be life-long (and will be).
  • Emotional eating doesn't "cure" the emotional issue.
  • I am emotional.
  • I am off-the-charts emotional.
  • Without my choice comfort foods as my "drug" to stuff the emotions back in, they...uh...come out.
  • The come out in droves.
  • Display of said emotions is uncomfortable for me, but it's okay...
I am absolutely a "stuffer" of emotions. I use food... the wrong foods... to stuff my mouth so full the words and feelings can't get by and "out".  This addiction is by no means broken, but this three week commitment has helped to make me even more aware than I already was.  And definitely more in control.

I promised myself I would "get through" this three week plan.  I would be open and give it an honest try.  And if, at the end of the three weeks, I hated it, I promised myself I'd never have to do it again.

Instead, I've discovered a new way to eat... well, not new, but new-to-me.  I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything (thanks to "treat/cheat" days), and I've honest and truly learned what "moderation" means.

I am happy and so proud of myself for this "growth".

I just had to share.  We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming, tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way... I think all this learning was a great way to kick off Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class!  :)  Care to join me?


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