February 8, 2010

It's Finished! (aka The Scrap Room, The Finale)

Whew... while I'm so thankful to Sparky for posting a little update for me last night, I must say that he REALLY needs to stop moving things on me.  And The Hubs and I would really LOVE to find out where Sparky hid his wedding ring over 5 years ago!  *sigh*

Well, my blogging friends, I spent all weekend working on putting away all of the miscellaneous "junk" that I had previously been collecting on my old scrapbook table.  Everything is ... functional.  I will never be 100% organized, nor do I want to be.  I'm very adept and knowing where things are, even if they aren't in the "right" place, but what I did want was more space to spread out (check) and to lessen what I had surrounding me, as in, only the "essentials" on my table (check).  Of course, I do have MORE on my table now than I did when I was upstairs, but that's only because I have more room for it.  The biggest accomplishment was unpacking EVERYTHING that I was storing in my rolling tote and finding a "place" for it.  This is a  huge deal for me, because now when I go on retreats or go to crops, I don't have to unpack my tote of "stored items" just so I can repack it with what I'm taking. Talk about annoying.

Lest I continue on and on (and I had planned to show you the move, but why put off the finished product when it's ready?), how about a grand reveal?  Drum roll please....

Here is the best shot I could get of the whole space.  Remember, I explained previously, that this is an "L" shaped room and this part of it is the bottom of the "L".  So... I guess it would be a backwards L, if you want to be a stickler on shape.  Straight on is my husband's computer table "inside" the closet. To the left of his computer is some general storage.  To the right (inside the closet) is where I have stuffed my empty rolling tote, my still very full wood-block stamp tote and a bunch of boxes of photos from my dad's.  Also in the closet are my canvases and a few other things (frames, etc.) that I didn't have any other place for at the moment.

The black table on the right, MY space, comes up to the edge of the wall of this room and is pretty much lined up with the rolling card and cubes across the room.  If you can see the TV table with my camera bag sitting on it in the lower left of the photo, that's next to our couch, which defines the space of our TV room.

That black blob on the floor next to the bookcase is one of my dogs.

Allow me to take you on a tour, please.  And I'd love any suggestions or thoughts when we're done here...

Clockwise, around the room...

Here are my storage cubes from Crop In Style, although I think they have discontinued making them now.  They take up almost the whole wall.  It looks a lot bigger put together down here than when it was in my bedroom.  Weird how configuration can do that.  I had the cubes separated in my bedroom and the rounded corner shelves were on my scrapbook table (see what the old table looked like here).

The wooden computer cart on the far right will eventually be removed and the table that I used to use for scrapbooking will be brought down for the Hubs to use as a painting station (he paints miniatures and models).

The TV table that is standing to the far left of the photo is not usually up.  I was just using it as extra table space as I organized.

Here's the right side of the cubes... this side is a little more jumbled.  The bags on the 2nd shelf there?  Yeah, that's all paper and supplies I've purchased recently and haven't put it into a proper place yet.  You can see other bags sticking out from on top of the paper cubes as well.  I have a bad habit of doing that. 

I have also found, when I finally get around to unpacking it all, that I have purchased the same thing(s) more than once!

Here's my computer area, although it's not set up yet.  I use a laptop, and my husband has a docking station for it here, but he's still working on a computer for a friend (you can see the butt end of it on the lower shelf) so his computer stuff is all over here, still.  Once this is set up completely, I'll be able to use my Wishblade more often (I hope).  The Wishblade is hiding in the little cart at the bottom right of the photo.  You can see the white plastic of it.  This shelf pulls out and slides back in as needed.

Here's the left side of my scrappin' space.  I have made room for a kitty visitor with a cozy bed beneath the desk (left) and a space heater for my ankles also under the desk (right).

Here's a straight on shot of my table top.

And now we've come full circle.  The right-side view of my table.  We slid a small bookcase under the "lip" of the table, which is super helpful, because I always have books strewn about.  If I move my trimmer over toward my mat a bit, I believe my sewing machine could easily fit here, if I decide to get it out.  I haven't brought that down yet... still debating.

Well, there you have it!  Here's a gander, again, of the whole she-bang:

The Hubs still has all of his Raiders paraphernalia to put up and I have a few crafty projects I'll be doing so I can get them on the wall as well. 

So?  What do you think?  Me?  I'm super excited!!


  1. Yay!! I love it! I can't wait to come over and see it myself. You have given me some good ideas on what I can do for my new scrapping room. Thanks for sharing it all.

  2. Looks great...I will help you sort out all your double purchases..I"ll just bring an emtpy tote along on my trip out to Ohio..LOL..good job

  3. Looks great - love the black conference table as a scrapping table - it really worked well!

  4. Kai!!! your space is wonderful!! you are are going to have so much fun down with your new scrap space.


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