December 11, 2010



As in, fourteen more days until Christmas.

The pressure is on!

My list of things to get done is ever-growing.  We will be decorating the house today, as well as picking up a Christmas tree and getting that up.  That also means, in order to get the tree, that at least a part of my house has to be cleaned and furniture rearranged to fit the monster into the house.  Cleaning that room will lead me to the laundry and the dishes that also need to be done which also leads me to my "clean sweep" project which stalled back in October and has my bedroom looking like a complete disaster area.

But I digress... then there is still the shopping to be done for gifts.  The returns (already) for exchanges.  The cookies and treats to be made.  The cards to be sent (!) how behind on those am I??  What else can I pile onto my list?  Oh... I desperately need a hair cut.  Like, I'm ready to put my hair in a pony tail and lop it off.

Perhaps, that is just the frustration of the growing list speaking.  Perhaps it wouldn't be such a good idea to cut my hair off at the crown. 


So, for those of you out there celebrating Christmas, how does that fourteen sound to you?


  1. SCARY!! We still don't have a tree. Hubby's been working Saturday's and Sunday's are usually filled with church stuff. Today, one of our sons (along with Dad) had to work, tree today. Maybe tomorrow?? I hope!!!!

    Still have presents to to buy for Christmas supper...oh yes, lots to do!

    *breathe* ;)

  2. a little less scary than it did a week ago, but still causing heart palpitations. Especially since my computer has been acting up (froze three times in one hour).

  3. Eek!! Hyperventilating now!! And I've got lots of my list crossed off....

  4. Yea...I'm scared at how fast it has gone this year...I'm baffled at how fast time can fly when you are an adult but how slow Christmas seemed to come when I was a kid.

  5. PANIC STATIONS!!!!! I have loads to do!


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