May 22, 2010

It Is, After All, All About Me...

Hello all... to those of you who joined my pity party a few days ago, I promise this party will be MUCH more fun!  I joined in with a whole lotta other talented, creative and crafty people in this lovely Blog Hop. Please jump on in and enjoy hopping around.  I hope you find (or have already found) a lot of inspiration.

If you've found me from Havoc and Mayhem, you're on the right path!  If you're just starting out by visiting my blog feel free to continue on, or start at the beginning at I Speak Melsh.  Mel is our great and powerful organizer and conveniently has all of the participants listed so you can travel around the world learning about those of us hosting this party.  Before you leave, though, please keep reading and take a gander at my project.

It is, after all, All About Me

Let me officially welcome you to the All About Me blog hop!  We'll keep you moving through our group with links to your next stop (so keep reading!)  Our inspiration came from a free class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called, strangely enough, "All About Me".  The class guidelines teach you how to create an adorable accordian minibook and storage tin, but as I hadn't a tin, nor the desire to make an accordian album, I steered off on a different route.  Following the exact project isn't really what we were going for, but more the inspiration of the project, so I wasn't really breaking any rules.  I was, however, very inspired, and this will only be the beginning...

All About Me:  Time Does Not Change Us. 
It Unfolds Us. - Mark Frisch

Know Thyself

Left:  ENJOY - favorite VACATION destination: Butterfield Lake
Right:  i ENJOY scrapbooking, movies, reading & TV

Left:  IMPROVE:  always wanting to improve my fitness...and my photos!
Right:  i seek peace and balance.

Left:  BLISS - Pure Bliss:  My Favorite "Treat" - Abbott's Frozen Custard
Right:  when i am in nature, i feel... FREE

Left:  My {heart} bleeds for strays
Right:  I Love spring flowers, snow, summer sunsets,
autumn colors, the moon, waterfalls

Back of Book

In case you're curious, I used my favorite Blackboard album by Cosmo Cricket and all paper and most embellishments are My Little Yellow Bicycle: Vita Bella

I must say, this was an absolutely fun project because it WAS all about me.  I know as a wife, worker and mother of kids two-legged and four-legged (not necessarily in that order) plus a multitude of other "roles", I often put myself way down in the priority order.  I think many woman share in that syndrome.  This project was truly ALL about me, and I really enjoyed myself.  If you haven't done anything for yourself lately, try this project.  Put your own spin on it. But keep it all about YOU.  It's very ... freeing

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed my project, now... keep hopping!  Your next stop on this All About Me blog hop is Captured On Film.  Click the link to move on.  And if you started at the very beginning over at I Speak Melsh, you're almost at the end! I hope you have enjoyed this journey and found some inspiration along the way.

If you started with me, you're only just beginning!  Keep going to see all of the other All About Me interpretations and find some fresh inspiration.

Regardless, at the very least take some time... do something all about and for you.  You won't regret it and, as in my case, it may get addicting!


  1. Such gorgeous paper selection - so dreamy! I love the size you chose too :-)

  2. I'm in love with your papers! Totally charming work and thanks for letting us into your life. Loved seeing it. Hugs Cherry XXX

  3. wonderful albm - love your style and what you say about it being a fun and freeing project is so true

  4. Great album (I love working on black)& love the papers you used. I agree about being self-indulgent for a while - its very liberating! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Wow - this is what you can produce when you leave it till the last minute?! It's *gorgeous!* I love all the detail, I love the colours, and I loved getting to know you a little better :-)

  6. Love the way you've put this together....the colours and style are gorgeous.

  7. I certainly have enjoyed this blog hoppy journey and your book is wonderful. I love the size you have chosen and it's great to get to know more about you xx

  8. I love the colours of your album and the beautiful picture you have included in it.

    Have a brilliant weekend


  9. A gorgeous album. Love the blackboard album, very elegant.

  10. I love the variety of your pages and agree it was a pleasurable novelty to think about myself.

  11. I've loved looking at your mini-book, it's perfect.

  12. I've really enjoyed your post today! This is a wonderful album and you make some fanatastic points in your writing about making time to think about ourselves. That first quote is an absolute winner, and a new one for me so thank you!

  13. Kai - I LOVE your book! The colors definitely speak to me and that "Know Thyself" page is fantastic. Going to have to scraplift this.

  14. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Some superb pages here!

  15. just beautiful...just like it's creator xoxo

  16. Gorgeous. Every page is like a mini LO. :0)

  17. Beautiful colours you have used - they are perfect for this project.

  18. I love your papers and the colours x

  19. Love the colors on this and the quote on the cover!

  20. I love the way your book turned out - love the colors and products you used. I agree with what you said about this project being fun because it's all about YOU. It seems like everything I create is for someone else, so it was really fun to focus on myself for a change! :o)

  21. Great project really enjoyed reading about you and agree with your sentiments about being a wife, mother etc etc. Your post has convinced me to do an all about me album for sure! Thanks xxx


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