March 25, 2010

Traditional, Hybrid & Digi... Oh, My!

Okay my blogging friends... I'm a 100% traditional scrapbooker... papers, ribbons, bling, blooms, glue... I love it.  I'm firmly entrenched in this traditional "there's no place like home" scrapbooking life.


I also love my computer.  I love designing newsletters and brochures, advertisements and other graphic-laden projects.  It is partly what I do in my jobs and it is fun.  Sometimes, when I'm working on some computer-based work-related design, I get excited... like the man behind the curtain.


I am thinking that I would really love to learn how to Digi-Scrap... or perhaps combine it together and be a Hybrid-Scrapbooker.  I own Adobe Photoshop.  I also have Elements.  In fact, I have Creative Suite 2.  I use PhotoShop for some of my design, but my knowledge of it only scratches the surface.  I have never touched Elements.  But I'm kinda scared...

Please Help!

I know some of you out there are digi-scrappers.  I have so many questions and I would love any tips you can give me on how to get started.  I want to learn.  I want to expand my brain! 

To get YOU started in answering, here are just a smattering of my questions:
  • What program(s) do you use?
  • Did you take a class to get started?
  • Do you scrapbook traditionally too?  Why or why not?
  • Once you have your digi-layout done, what do you do with it?  Do you print it and store it in an album or do you keep it on your computer somehow?  In a file folder?  Or do you have some version of an online digi-album?  This is where digi scrapping gets curiouser and curiouser.
  • What would you suggest I do to get started in the digi-world?
Please... I need someone to take me under their wing.

I already get some emails re: digi-freebies or sales, but I've never done anything with it because, well, I just didn't think I'd go down that avenue.  I know I won't ever get rid of my real-live-to-the-touch papers ... because I {heart} paper...


I really want to grow my knowledge of Photoshop and Elements and I want to play on my computer in a scrappin' manner more often...

...especially when my brain is melting because The Hubs is snoring away on the couch... next to my scrappin' room.


  1. Okay, I just have to ask. Is that a dead fish on the end of Glindas wand? Cause that's what it looks like. Good luck with the digi or hybrid scrapbooking! :)

  2. Hahaha... uh... ahem... why, no... I don't know what you're talking about! *blink* *innocent look*

  3. I'm technically hybrid in that I alter pictures, make journal spots and other embellishments to print out using my computer and often do titles or journaling. But I will tell you I'm digital for all the same reasons you are.

    I use full blown PhotoShop for most of my digital elements. I download things like Ali Edwards frames and phrases and sometimes I create my own embellishments - like butterflies for example - when I can't find what I want. Then I just print them, cut them out and GLUE them to my PAPER. I've heard that Elements is a better fit for scrapbookers since PS has so much that is quite detailed and involved. I happen to have free access to PS as my hubs uses it in his business and has the extra license to give me.

    I have honestly never done a full digital layout. And unless they put a ban of some sort on using paper and adhesive, I probably never will. The medium isn't my art form. I do better developing elements than full layouts. Besides, even when done very well, I find digital layouts flat. I prefer the 3 dimensional aspect of scrapping.

    I've heard that MANY people do the print out thing. Becky Higgins is doing the on-line version of her Project Life product and is having the collection of pages put into a bound book at the end of the year. If ever I was going to go digital, it would be with this express purpose in mind - to do all the layouts for a single book and have them printed as a coffee-table style book.

    I would say that's my 2 cents, but I think I gave you more like a dollar. HEE!

  4. Like chksngr, I also use my computer to design elements that I then print and glue to my page. Mostly this involves text, since I like to journal scrapbook, but it's also extended to a few other things in the past. Graphics, embellishments, etc.

    However, that being said... I recently had the opportunity to experiment with They have an online scrapbooking feature that you can then have printed and turned into a book. It's not as comprehensive as I would like, but it does let customize quite a bit.

    The only thing I didn't like about it, was that they don't let you crop your pictures to anything but rectangles. Unfortunately, 7 hours of work on a 40 page album turned out to be worthless because I had done it on the wrong size paper. It's also pretty expensive.

  5. Hi Kai!

    I was in your place just over a year ago (Jan 09) and decided to learn PSE.

    I do all three - digi, hybrid, and paper scrapping. For digi I use PSE8. I learned to use it by taking classes at, starting with "Up and Running" and going through the three phase course, although I haven't finished "In Deep" yet.

    I print my layouts at and add them to my Library of Memories albums, right in with the paper layouts. If done well, digi pages look 3 dimensional and sometimes you have to actually touch the page to know it isn't (drop shadows is the key).

    The advantages to digi: no mess, you can do it in spurts on your computer (where you already spend a lot of time anyway). The digi elements that you buy, download as freebies, or create yourself are infinitely reusable so you never run out of the paper you need to complete a project! New stuff is immediately accessible without driving to your LSS. And it is FUN and ADDICTING.

    If you have specific questions, please email me directly. I'm happy to help!

  6. I think Cheri covered everything I would say about digi scrapping. I am almost 100% digi now, I absolutely love it. Not having a dedicated space to spread out and leave a mess meant that my paper scrapping was just not happening, that's when I started getting excited about digi.

    The only paper scrapping I do now is my kids school albums using the BEcky HIggins school kits. I do still love the feel of paper, and the look of paper, but the number of digi pages I produce compared to paper makes it more efficient for me to stay digi.

    I too would recommend and for learning about digi scrapping.

    Good luck, but be careful, it is strangely addictive ;)

  7. I'v done a little digi scrapping but still prefer to get messy in my craft room. I signed up for Jessica Spragues PS Elements course last year when she was giving it as a freebie to celebrate the website birthday and I found it really useful. I did some 12"x12" LOs but them changed them to 8"x8" for printing on my home printer. Check out her website as she has lots of freebie instructions as well as paid courses. Look forward to seeing your digi LOs.


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