March 27, 2010

Catching Up...

Been a little quiet on my end.  Hear the crickets out there? 

Actually, I've just been working... both jobs.  But today was a FUN day of work.  The scrapbook store where I work participated in a scrapbooking expo, and guess who was working at the booth all day?  ME!  Of course, we were working in a team, so at some point I was able to leave my pal and wander around. 

Lesson learned:  stay in my own booth!  Do NOT walk around.

Oh.  Bad me.  I spent SO much money.  Money I didn't have.  Now I have to work MORE to cover what I spent. 


It was...

SO much fun!

I played around a little with my newly bought playthings tonight, and now I'm simply exhausted.  I'm about ready to wash my face and head to bed.  I will take a few photos of the play I did (it's all stampin' people... I'm a card-maker too, 'member?) and show you tomorrow. 

If I ever wake up.

Thanks to all who responded to my Digi scrappin' questions.  I think I will need to take one of those classes that y'all recommended.  But first, I have to pay off my spending spree today...

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  1. Hey Kai, thanks for popping by, and understanding :)


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