March 22, 2010

Suggestions, please?

So, at my "day job", I work at an office, sitting in front of a computer all day.  To help the overall mood of the office, we recently re-started something called "Business Buddies".  Each person participating (all but two... believe that?) picked a random name out of a hat and that person is who you will be a Business Buddy to.  For example, I previously had pulled "Jen" out of the hat.  I would leave "Jen" little gifts in her mailbox or taped to her office door.  I twice even hung laminated "VSP (very special person) reserved parking" signs on the wall in front of where she usually parked.  Just little things to help the person stay cheered throughout any given day.

Anyhoo, we recently started this again, and I pulled a new business buddy's name out of a hat.  This is someone who I'm not particularly friendly with (nor would I be on any given day) so it's hard to come up with fun little things for her.  I sorta-wanna use some of my scrappin' skills, but since I'm the only obvious scrapbooker in the office, I know that will blow my anonymity.   We all fill out little questionnaires about our likes/dislikes but this gal put down very little, which isn't helpful. 

So.... I'm looking for any suggestions here.  I have a few ideas, but this goes on for a while. I  don't want to be a slacker Business Buddy.  And since this is someone who I'm not super fond of, it's even harder to feel creative.  Please help? 


  1. K...first of all, I would type up some SPECIFIC questions for her and ask the organizer of the Business Buddies to deliver and collect them and discretely give them to you so you have more to go on.

    That said, I anonymously secret santa'd somebody this last year (its still a huge secret. She has no idea) and I seriously cannot stand to be in the same room with her. These are some things that I did:

    1) CD of mixed music. I did Christmas music, but you could do a mix of top radio hits or a bunch of songs with words in common - like sunshine or happy or whatever.

    2) I bought a mug that said "the penquin made me do it" and left it on her desk with a packet of honey, a really awesome teabag and a little two pack of lorna doone short bread cookies.

    3) A Magazine - in my case it was Martha Stewart, but you could find something that applies.

    4) I got "Emergency Chocolate" from a secret pal once. It was the CUTEST wrapper I've ever seen. You could get a Hershey bar and make a clever wrapper on the computer - its your scrapping skills

    5) Homemade cupcakes with sprinkles - again, I did Christmas, but you could do all sorts of things.

    6) I signed up for a random e-mail address and sent her e-cards from that address.

    7) A fresh bottle of water/soda/juice placed strategically on her desk for an afternoon break with a little note.

    8) Post-its with a new pen in a cello bag. I did a TOTALY CORNY "take note: you are so appreciated!" card...totally corny. So worth the cornyness.

    9) Visit the dollar store. See what jumps out at you. My person was WAY in to memorizing Bible verses. I got a Bible Journal at the dollar store.

    10) a single flower in a tiny dollar store vase.

    11) Easter Eggs filled with change for the vending machine.

    12) Sudoku, mazes, word searches or crossword puzzle books.

    13) Brightly colored office supplies - like paper clips or thumb tacks or binder clips. LOVE walmart for that kind of stuff.

    14) Bubbles. I know this sounds so random, but it is surprising what bubbles bring out of a person.

    15) I have a friend that I do weird but fun stuff for. I found some fabric flowers that had smiley faces on them in the dollar aisle at Target. I made a bouquet of smiley faced flowers for her. This one might not fly with just anyone, but it was fun to do for something random.

    Maybe some of these ideas can work?

    Have a BLAST!

  2. Who else really needs to comment after that. :p

    To piggy back off the puzzle idea, there are good programs online that will let you make your own crossword and word search puzzles... fill them with happy things, like flowers, butterflies, and rainbows. :)

    Also, office decorations. Again, butterflies are a fun theme to go with. But it's hard if you don't know how that will go over. I know I would be thrilled to come to work and have my whole work space decorated, tastefully, with colorful butterflies or flowers.

  3. I can't think of much else - except pampering kind of stuff - body lotions, bath salts, scented candles, potpourri, chocolate, etc. Try to think of what YOU would love to receive and go with those ideas.

  4. Some totally cool ideas here!


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