March 21, 2010

Strangers Texting Strangers

Whew... yesterday's post was a little strong. I am sorry.  Not about what I said...but, well... maybe I'm not sorry.  It really helped me to release my pent up feelings about it.  Thank you so much for listening and your comments.   If anyone learned anything from it, I'm grateful.  SO... to lighten the mood around here, I thought I would share a funny little experience today.

The Hubs and I often have friends over to play games on Sundays... today was one of those days.  So we're all sitting around the table and The Hubs's phone dings. A text message came in.  The only person who texts him who wasn't in the room already is our youngest, so he picked up his phone to check.

The text message simply said, "I love you."

I blinked.  Really?  Who was it?  He didn't know.  It was an unknown number and an unknown area code.

Sooooooo, feeling a little spunky, I thought, well heck, I'll text the person back.  So I picked up my phone and entered the number and wrote, "Why are you texting my husband that you love him?"

The people around the table laughed a collective nervous little laugh.

See... I'm the least jealous person on the face of the earth. So sending this text message was so opposite of who I really am.  I think they thought I was truly upset.  But I just thought it was pretty funny.  Back to the game we went.

Next, I receive several short calls... where someone calls, but hangs up relatively quickly.  It was that number that I texted.  It came up as "Texas".  Texas?  Really?  Now I wonder if this person is going to blow up my phone with calls and hang-ups, but then I just figure the person is trying to text me back but can't seem to do it without actually dialing the number.

Finally came a text message.  I open it and read it out loud to the waiting group:

"LOL!  Apparently I texted the wrong number.  I am sure your husband is a great guy, but I am a guy and I don't love him...awesome!"

Everyone burst out laughing!

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