March 6, 2010


Alice in Wonderland


The Hubs, the Boy and the Girl are all going to see Alice in Wonderland today.

I'm on a scrapbooking retreat.

I have been waiting for this movie since... like... October.

I feel very left out.

I'm a little sad.  No, I'm a lot sad.

It was a tough choice.

I really wanted to go with them.

They are so mean.  Not waiting for me.

How dare they?

They didn't wait for ME!

They KNEW how much I want to see it.

It's not fair!

*sniff*  *sob*

*deep breath*

I'll be okay.


I'll get to see it.


Hopefully in the theaters.


This mopey blog brought to you by the martyr named Kai.
Now back to our regularly scheduled scrapbooking.


  1. ahhh..poor baby...they are sooo and I will go see it together...

  2. Girl, when you get back from your retreat, just get a couple of girlfriends together, go have a little dinner and a glass of wine then head off to watch Johnny in all his top-hatted glory with the girls! PERFECT GNO material!!!

  3. Been there. Only the movie was Star Trek and they went at saw it at an Imax Theater. Sometimes families can just be so frustrating!


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