March 9, 2010

Junkin' It Up...

I know that I promised photos of some of my scrappin' fun this past retreat weekend.  And they will come.  I promise.  I honestly have been on the run since coming home on Sunday evening.  Work today, then hair cut (gone bad... another story for another time), then home to eat and now heading to bed after I finish up this little ditty. 

In the meantime, I feel I must redeem myself and somehow prove that I have been crafty lately.  Because I honest and truly have... much more than typical.  And it feels so good!  So, I thought I'd share this:

A gal on SFTIO shared some links to YouTube videos of a junque (junk) journal created by Tangie Baxter.  It was like angels sang and a light shone down upon me when I saw these videos!  Finally!  A place to put all that stuff I collect.  Pressed pennies.  Rose petals.  Fortune cookie fortunes.  Dove Promises that I love.  Tea tags with invaluable quotes.  Movie ticket stubs.  Little notes I get from friends and people I love.  So many things hanging around that I now have a place for.

Here it is... MY Junk Journal... well a few bitty pages of it at least...

And now... I must hit the hay.  I still promise photos of my scrapped pages... and perhaps a few from the Nostalgia kit - the emotion this month at SFTIO... after I get home from my next retreat.  That's right... I'm off to scrapbook again... this time as a hostess for the store where I work part time.  I will be leaving my boys at home again to play bachelors for a long weekend.  Think of me Wednesday through Sunday of this week, while I will once again be off scrappin' and not sleeping.  What fun!


  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing the link and your junk journal! I absolutely love this idea. Watched all 3 of Tangie's videos on it and will be creating my own soon. I think we even have a stray composition notebook in the cupboard...

    Have fun at your second retreat - you lucky duck!

  2. Definite lightbulbs... Love this idea. Must make my own!


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