March 16, 2010

One Amazing Place...One Wonderful Time...One Awesome Person

This is one of my favorite places:

It is where I spent most of my last week.  This is where we host a scrapbook retreat.  This hotel is awesome.  It's in the heart of Amish country and is simply gorgeous.  It truly is one amazing place.

This is the lobby. 

You should see it all decorated up at Christmas time.

If you get bored of scrapbooking, they have this cozy library, complete with fireplace. 

You can curl up with a book and a cup of hot tea.  Not that I did.  They also have an indoor pool and a hot tub, should you want to throw on a swim suit and delve into some water therapy.  Not that I did.  Obviously... as I didn't even take a photo of that area of the hotel.

I missed taking a photo of our room too.  It was pretty... but I wanted to take it when it was clean and made-up, but every time I was in there, I was messing it up, so the photo never got taken.

This is part of the cropping room.

These three gals brought a lot of stuff... but that's typical of an average retreat cropper.  No?  These are some of my favorite campers.   They're regulars and oh-so much fun.  They were missing one of their group this time.  Bummer.

Here is our mini-store.

It takes up quite a bit of space.

And here is my stepmom. 

My wicked, evil stepmom.  Doesn't she look the part? 


How about this photo?

She cracks me up.  Every time I went to take a photo of her, she started to say something, which resulted in her looking mad. 

But, I finally got her to smile.

That's better. 

I corrupted her.  I take complete responsibility.  I got her started in scrapbooking and now she's ADDICTED.  A complete member of our... uh... club!

See that Cricut to the top-right?  She used one once at a different retreat and went straight home and looked for one on Craigslist and Ebay.  Quicker than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, she had one.  That makes it easy to buy for her at Christmas and birthdays.  Except now, to my dad's dismay, she's addicted to online scrapbook shopping.  And Ebay.  But.  Who isn't?  I have to remind her near holiday time to stop buying cartridges to allow for some of us to be able to shop for her.

I want to thank my wicked, evil (I never said ugly) stepmom... I had a wonderful time spending so many days with her.  It was really great that she was able to come down and spend time at this retreat with me.  She is one awesome person!

I just love her:

Can't wait until the next time!


  1. ok Kai, you got my attention. Where is the crop that you host? Because that hotel looks wonderful and I'd love to come sometime if it is close enough and affordable.

  2. Craft retreats.... Oh, so jealous!! Glad you had such a good time :-)


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