March 6, 2010

Fun Times - Midway Through...

Well, I have hit the mid-way point.  Yes, everyone who commented on my last post... I am at a scrapbooking retreat (since Thursday evening).  Soooo much fun, and this place is so relaxing.  The gals here take care of you so well... and I'm so glad we discovered it.

I am a S...L...O...W scrapper though.  I always have such high hopes as to what I will get done and completely overpack. One of these days, I'm going to pack a total of 5 layouts and be super excited that I get them all done with plenty of time to spare.  I can bemoan my fate of "not bringing enough to do". 

Yeah, that'll never happen.

For the few days leading up to the retreat, I spent a lot of time packing page kits.  I find I do so much better if I am prepared with patterned paper, cardstock and photos all in a big zip-lock bag.  If I have matching embellishments, they go in there too.  But so much of the time when I go on these retreats, I can't get it together and get things packed up. Well, this time I rocked the preparation factor:

Check that out!  Those are all prepped page kits AND I had a few more in my rolling tote.  And...

I'm still just as slow. 

But I'm okay with that.  I feel better about being prepared so I have really enjoyed my scrapping more this weekend than typically.  I hate that feeling of unpreparedness.  Disorganization.  Out of control.  I feel good.

However, I was a little overwhelmed when I looked at my ribbon supply...

Holy frijole!  How did I get so much ribbon?  And this photo only shows about 3/4 of it, maybe less.  I am a ribbon FREAK and can't stop buying it.  What do you think?  Too much ribbon?  Is there such a thing?  *shrug*  I brought it all.  Never know what I might need, y'know?

And yes, for those of you who wonder, does she really scrapbook, or does she just talk about it?  I will post a few layouts.  But, just so you know, those kits I packed above?  They're 98% CHRISTMAS.  From, like, 1999 to 2008.  So... if you want Christmas in March... this is the place to be next week or the week after!

Okay, back to it. I just wanted to take a moment and hop on and share with you some of my fun weekend.  I'll leave you with the gal who helped me pack.  She was sooo tired after all of our preparation together, she had to take a nap...

... ON my scrapbook table.  


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  1. totally jealous of you this weekend. And drooling over that ribbon collection! No, a girl can NEVER have too much ribbon!


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