March 29, 2010

Jes' Playin' 'Round

Hello!  I spent all day yesterday scrapbooking for SFTIO's monthly emotion: Nostalgia.  I'll post a layout tomorrow.  But I wanted to confess today.

It's no real secret that I dropped some bucks at the scrapbooking expo where I was working this past Saturday, but... and here's my confession... I don't regret it one bit!  Not one single iota.  And I spent some time playing around with my new funsies.

Here's what I purchased (some of)...

These are my new stamps.  They are bits and pieces to layer and work with to make up a whole image.  I LOVE THEM!  I am completely enjoying playing with these and have had my mind zooming with the things I can do and make with them (and previous purchases for which I have renewed ideas).

These are new pastels. I haven't worked with chalk in a long time.  These don't smear, which was quite appealing to me.  And if I get it in areas where I don't want it, a simple white eraser picks it up cleanly.  These dandy buggers gave me renewed interest in my dry-embossing brass templates.  I haven't used them in years (and there are no photos to be had of them), but after seeing the things you can do with these pastels... I'm ready to play again. 

But the pastels aren't the only thing... these glazes are awesome! 

I already use my Glossy Accents to pop things off a page and "emboss" it but these lovelies have a tint to them, which opens up all kinds of avenues.  Again, it renewed my interest in my brass templates... but also so much more.  One demonstration had a photo of water printed in black & white... and then they traced over the lake with the blue glaze.  Once it dried, it was simply stunning and such a different "look".  These were all over the Expo... and the odd part was, they weren't tied to any one company.  The company I bought them from had their logo on the package, but I found them in other booths with other packaging, but the same, exact product.  Weird.  I have played with these a little, along with my stamps... here is a simple little image. 

The jar has been glossed over with the yellow-tinted glaze, but it's hard to see in this photo.

Last but not least, I also bought these micro beads (ugh, sorry for the bad picture).  I wasn't sure I wanted them, but I caved.  I had to have it.... just for something different that ISN'T glitter.  I haven't opened these yet.

All I've done with it all is played.  The tree and jar above ended up in my Junk Journal.  But playing around has simply been lovely.  Although... I have a list going for all the things I didn't buy... but now NEED (like another hole in my head).

Hope you've been finding time to play around in your crafty fun stuff!

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  1. Ooh, I love the tree. I also completed my own junk journal... go check it out sometime. I love playing around with new toys, I just ordered a bunch of small ink pads from Joann's to complete my junk journal and try my hand at a few other fun things to do with them. I can't wait! :)


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