March 18, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

These were actually up a week ago when I was at my scrapbook retreat, but I just hadn't had a chance to post them.

My crocuses are in bloom. Crocuses?  Or Croci?  I just haven't been home before dark to take a photo.

But I didn't want to skip it... Spring is here. 

And I'm ready!


  1. I'm enjoying our high 60's temps right now, but waiting for the other shoe to drop and temps to fall back into the 30/40's and more snow. We usually get at least one decent snow in March - and have seen snow in April as well!

  2. I'm ready too...our neighborhood is full of daffodils..I secretly want to sneak out at night and take a long walk with my scissors...I could go around the block once and come home with a gorgeous bouquet of various daffodils. Would that be wrong? HEE HEE

  3. Hooray for signs of spring!! I've captured a few for my Project 365, and made a layout of them today - they really cheered me :-)


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