May 5, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend...

In a nutshell, my weekend was monopolized by National Scrapbooking Day.  Not necessarily a bad thing, right?  But it was busy.  I spent Friday night cleaning the store, with the help of a little friend...

I really scrubbed, though, which meant our tables (thanks to a co-worker), the bathroom and the kitchen were quite spiffy!  After that I really went home and CRASHED.  I was so tired.  Up early the next morning to open the store and greet NSD croppers and shoppers.  The local stores in my area got together and designed a "passport" to all the local stores that listed all of the NSD specials they were featuring.  This was nice both that we all worked together, and also hopefully introduced customers to more options in the area.

Croppers were greeted with all kinds of food goodies...

and giveaways, which I failed to photograph.  But once settled in, they certainly seemed to get right down to "celebrating" our favorite hobby... 

What better way than with ribbons??

We have a group of women who make the circuit around to all of the LSS's on NSD.  And they always, always, arrive with feather boas, some have tiaras, and they always arrive in style....

All in all, it was a great day of fun. I was on the schedule to teach a class, which was actually partially a repeat of class I taught back in March.  I really thought the croppers enjoyed it, though, (yay for me!).  Then I went on home to try and celebrate NSD in my own scrappy space.  Before I left, though, I had to take pictures of their special dessert (and dinner hadn't arrived yet or I would have taken a shot of that as well). 

Aren't these gorgeous cupcakes?  And, they're filled with cream to boot!  Delish!

I have more that I want to share about my weekend, and finish out explaining the photos in "My Weekend, A Pictorial"... so, stay tuned, perhaps I'll have another moment later tonight...


  1. I want to join that group of scrappers in the limo! Dang, travel in style - no kidding!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I'm definately making sure I have NSD off from work next year.

  3. Great to have the story behind the photos! :-)


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