May 23, 2010

It's Almost Over! {*cry*}

The countdown is on.

7pm-9pm EDT - a recap of the last 6 years.
9pm-11:30pm EDT - The End.
11:31pm EDT - {*cry*}

I have to say, as much as this show brought me frustration and headaches... it is and was so refreshing among all of the "reality", medical/emergency, and CSI type shows that abound on TV.  It was a way to escape into a total mind-bend.  I'm completely sad it is going away... but so very excited to have some answers.  Some.  I am prepared for "not all". 

I'm okay with this.

See you on the flip side!


  1. crying with you. sniff.

    Have no idea what hubby and I will get to watch now...

  2. Now that it is over, I'm still confused. And sad. Loved the two hour recap with the actors' thoughts on the whole thing. Loved seeing scenes from the pilot season again. Gonna miss this show!


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