May 8, 2010

Tense Anticipation

Note: this blog post was actually written Friday night but just as I went to publish it, our Internet service went down.  Just to explain why some of my timelines may seem off...

I have been tensely anticipating a storm all day today.  I don't like storms.  I'm a total baby when it comes to thunder and lightning.  So even the forecast of a storm gets me all tense.  We have had high winds and threat of severe thunderstorms, hail and tornados.  And yet... all we have had are clouds flying through the sky and winds that are pretty strong.  We've been lucky, I know.  And yet, I'm still waiting... and I'm beginning to get sore.

Speaking of waiting, let me distract myself and share that this month's emotion at SFTIO is Anticipation.  Every time I think about it, I start singing Carly Simon's song... "An-ti-ci-pation... An-ti-ci-pay-ay-shun... is making me late... is keeping me waiting..."  Don't worry, I'm only singing in my head.  No need to set the dogs throughout the neighborhood (and my house) a'howling.

Anyhoo... SFTIO is hosting another Cyber Crop tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th - the What Are You Waiting For? crop.  Feel free to sign in to the boards and join in.  It's going to be fun, I'm sure!  Challenges start at 8am CDT... and go on and on and on throughout the day and even into Sunday.  I really want to join in.  I do... but... well... this is facing me down in my scrapbook room:

And this:

And these furry things:

Yes, there is a cat bed ON my scrapbook table.  Trust me, it is the easiest way to deal with the "I want to sit on you now" syndrome.  They get on my lap, I boost them to the bed, and I can pet them while still working.  It's a win-win situation (the best I can come up with).  The bigger issue is when this happens.  When one is already occupying the bed and a second decides it's her turn. 

Someone does not look happy.

I did spend a little time down there last weekend "celebrating" NSD with finally putting away my stamps.  I have a stamp obsession... both wood-block and acrylic cling.  I store my acrylic cling stamps in CD cases.  I had a LOT to put away.  Check this out:

These were cases I already had some stamps in.
But they were only partially full, so I pulled them
out so that I could add more to them.

They were stored here... obviously there's plenty of room.
Even will all the half-filled cases stored here, I have plenty
of room to add more cases...

Here are the new cases after I filled the old, partially
full ones as much as I could. 

Here they are labeled.  The new stamps are
on the right.  Side by side, the old and the
new were almost as tall as each other.

The last thing I do is cut scrap paper to put on top of
the stamps (like this orange piece here).  This does two
things... one, it makes the example images that I tape to
the lid show up better; two, it covers the gap in the case
where the CD holder was that I pulled out, protecting
my stamps from dust, fur and other yucky things.

New stamp cases stacked on top
of the cases that were partially full.
But not including the ones in the green
storage cases.  Whew!

Quite the tower, huh?  Feels good to get it done, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as I had them all organized, I found more!


Oh, and by the way? My two CD storage holders are packed full now, with a few stamp-filled CD’s slid in by the ink in the top one. Guess I’ll need to pay another visit to Target soon. There was a cat fight in the middle of all of my stamp organization, but I’ll show you that tomorrow…

A side note… although I’ve been tensely anticipating a storm and storms make me a little more than a little nervous, what movie do I choose to watch while blogging?

Twister. Silly, silly me.


  1. Your stamp collection reaffirms my choice to NEVER get into stamping! OMG - the storage is unreal. Hope the storm passes you by entirely.

  2. And I thought I had quite a big collection of stamps.... Though I did add to it again today! Love how you've organised them, I need to sort mine out better and may adapt your idea, so thank you :-)

  3. Wow, that's some collection. I keep mine in CD holders too but they're not so well organised as yours. Still have to label them and I thought I'd make up a folder with the stamped images so I don't forget what I have. Great idea to put the paper sheet in covering the gap.

  4. I LOVE the kitty's bed on your table! What a GREAT idea. I have a kitty that loves to scrap too so this might be a solution for me too! THANKS for the inspiration!


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