May 29, 2010


Today has been a really good day. There has been nothing spectacular about it, like winning the lottery, but quite a few things stand out that have made me so happy that I could truly fly.  While that's not the true topic of the layout that I made above, it is appropriate, simply for the butterfly image and the words... I'll leave the actual hidden journaling and photos out of this post, so it can continue to "fit'.

But I digress...

Five things that made me so happy that I could fly today;
  • I completed a 4-layout class today (for display at the store) in less than 4 hours. This is a huge deal for me because I am truly the slowest scrapbooker on earth.  This put a little bounce in my step.
  • My son drove me home from work.  This has made me so happy I could literally dance right out of my body!  This man-child, at 21 years old, has been terribly resistant to driving for YEARS.  In the past three years of him having a learner's permit, he has driven maaaaayybee ten times.  And 9 of those were in a parking lot.  The one time on the road was, well... let's just say he almost blew his head open with his panic and rapidly rising blood pressure.  Anyway, about 6 months ago I told him I would no longer be driving him anywhere once he turned 21.  He turned 21 May 9th.  The Hubs has been driving him ever since.  Today, the Hubs decided that the boy could walk to my work from his and catch a ride home with me, rather than going to pick him up.  When it came time to go home, I handed him the keys. His expression was priceless... and I reminded him that I was no longer driving him anywhere... which meant that if we wanted to get home, he'd have to drive.  And he DID!  He was so proud of himself (!) he was grinning by the time we got to the house and he remarked on the way there, "I bet no one around me can tell that this is the first time I've driven on the road."  I'm sure (except for a few small 'incidents') that this is true.  Like I said, I'm so happy I could wriggle right out of my skin!
  • The Girl was offered a summertime babysitting job.  It was asked through me, actually, by one of my best friends.  I told my friend that I didn't think the Girl would take it because she is one of the most unmotivated, lazy people that I have known.  (Isn't that every teen?)  I think this is changing.  I am so glad.  When I offered the job opportunity to her, I wasn't even finished with saying the "deal" and she said, "I'll take it, I want it!"  I was so thrilled!  This is a HUGE step for her, for many reasons, and I'm SO happy she is taking it. 
  • We had a family sit-down dinner around the dining room table tonight. It's been a great while, because of all the celebratory events lately... and it felt so good.  Nothing more than some cheeseburgers and some summertime pasta salads, but it was Really Nice.
  • This last one is kind of funny... but I found it super thrilling tonight to watch the Girl completely defend herself from the Boy.  She is 14, he is 21, but he is a little itty bitty guy and she is a regular girl... and FINALLY, she was able to defend herself and PIN HIM on the floor and torture HIM for once.  Coming from a being a girl who always seem to be the loser of any wrestling battle, this was so much fun to see (with the eyes in the back of my head).  While I was cleaning up from dinner, this made me so happy!   Is that wrong?  To be excited that my daughter can "take" my son? 
So how about you?  Anything making you so happy you could fly?  Please share!  It's a wonderful feeling and I'd love to share in yours if you're reading about mine!

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  1. Kai - glad to hear you had such a great day! I know that our kids never cease to surprise and amaze us - sometimes in good ways, sometimes not. Sounds like yours are growing up!


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