May 20, 2010

Puny Pity Party...

I love Zazzle!

Pardon me while I have a moment of whining.  I'm just a lot tired and this piece of me is really discouraging lately.

I have had tendonitis in my left arm for over a month now.  It's not the first time it has flared up, but it is the most excessive that I've had.  It has affected my strength and flexibility and I'm very discouraged that it's not getting better.  I can't bend it without pain, I can't straighten it without pain.  I have been on some heavy duty prescription anti-inflammatories for a month and no improvement.  It wakes me up. I can't even lift the handset of my office phone, or set it down for that matter, without extreme concentration that I don't drop it out of total weakness!  Back to the doctor yesterday... she tells me it's pretty much a typical case of "tennis elbow" but I can't think of anything repetative that I do other than working on the computer.  But that doesn't really force me to move that elbow much so I'm very confused that it is so affected. 

Now she wants me on steriods for six days. She says I might become cranky.  I'm already cranky and I haven't even taken a pill. 

Then my mind starts going wacko... is it all "downhill" from here?  I don't want 40 to be a negative number, I really don't, but suddenly I feel like I'm losing my own body!  On top of the elbow, I have been having more and more difficulty with my hands being stiff and occasionally weak, and my thumbs and forefingers go numb at odd times.  Like when I'm driving!  I know this is carpal tunnel and I have been fortunate to escape it for so long, considering how much time I do spend on the computer.  But I don't want it.  And I am afraid... what if my hands and arms give out?  I won't be able to use the computer... not like I do now.  I won't be able to stamp... I already find it challenging at times to grip and press the stamp appropriately.  And scrappin'!  What about that?  Will everything I love to do suddenly become painful and a chore?

I know, I know... I'm tired and my brain is just whirling about.  It's time I should just go to bed and relax.  Deal with it day by day.  Do what the doctor orders.  Take the daggone steriod. 

Pardon me if I'm cranky. The doctor says it's to be expected.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...  I will be posting something fun late Friday night/early Saturday morning... something crafty... something... hoppy.  Come back and see!


  1. Oh, hun - sending lots of love and positive vibes your way xx

    Looking forward to seeing your project :-)

  2. take your meds for awhile...if you still feel like you's time for xrays and need a trip home I think and some TLC..xoxo hang in there babe..

  3. Being a week shy of 49, I will tell you it like it is. Yes, your body parts do start becoming troublesome during your 40's. It's a natural (although not necessarily wonderful) part of aging. The good news is, you do get used to it. And women have a much higher pain tolerance than men, so when the aches become the norm, you stop noticing them so much. Life does go on! Now go take your cranky pills and see if they help. And then try to find something enjoyable to do to take your mind off being cranky. {{{hugs}}}

  4. Has your doctor thought about it being Radial Tunnel Syndrome? It manifests like tennis elbow (and is often mis-diagnosed as tennis elbow), but is caused by the same nerves being irritated/damaged as Carpal Tunnel. Tennis elbow doesn't usually cause weakness, just pain. AND its common in musicians, people who do a lot of keyboarding and mousing, truck drivers and the sort...those who wouldn't necessarily be playing racket or club/bat sports but could have repetitive injuries...I have a friend that has had it...its curable, but only if you get treatment! Hang in there, girlie...I'd be CRANKY too!

  5. Hormonal changes can play a major role in CTS and the thyroid could be implicated. I hesitate to mention the 'M' word so soon after your birthday but it could be the start of some changes. I say this from experience as I'd just passed that birthday too. Find yourself a good reflexologist to help balance things out. The thought of steroid injections makes me cringe.
    Above all, relax, as stress can increase the risk of CTS.

  6. Having had tendonitis which spread to become frozen shoulder 2 months ago I have to insist you go to a chiropractor! 8 weeks of ultrasonic treatment down the line and I'm painfree and as mobile as I ever was. And I'm the advanced age of 52 (shhhhh don't say it so loud!)


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