May 31, 2010


Memorial Day through the poetry of third graders...

Remember the brave soldiers who gave their lives
For our freedom,
God Bless them all these courageous
Men and women.

They fought on land,
Others at sea,
Sacrificing their lives for
You and me.

Schools and offices respect these heroes
From the past,
By flying our beautiful flag
At half-mast.

As you watch the parade and hear
The trumpets play,
Please think about what we celebrate on
Memorial Day.
I think about the people that fought in the wars,
some have died to keep us free.
I think about the men and women,
Who saved lives on land and at sea.

I look at the monuments,
In memory of the brave.
I help plant red flowers
At my grandfather's grave.
At the parade, I see flags flying,
Red, white and blue.
I watch rows of different uniforms,
Navy, white and brown too.

The soldiers salute with pride.
Memorial Day remembers and honors
those who have died.

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