May 24, 2010

This Is Me On Drugs...

Remember those old commercials?  With an egg... and a frying pan... camera shifts to the egg in its shell, "this is your brain..." then shifts to the frying pan, the egg smashed into it, cooking, "this is your brain on drugs..."  then a pause and, "any questions?"

Am I dating myself with that commercial?  Commercials like that were a big part of my life.  Maybe even a credit to my never doing any illicit drugs.  Of course, I thank my parents for that as well. 

Okay, confession #1:  I never even drank illegally... well, not as much as my friends did... until I went to college.  So, yeah, I did drink alcohol under the age of 21... but I was not a drinker in high school.  My friends would party and I was just not there... or felt too guilty to partake. 

Confession #2:  I never took any pills.  I had friends that did, and I didn't know about it until after they "quit".

Confession #3:    I did smoke cigarettes (again, legal)... but only "fake" smoked them...I never inhaled(!)... for three weeks... in college... because I had to.... for a play!   I was a smokin' nun!

Confession #4:  I never smoked pot.  My friends in college who smoked pot knew I had not ever done so, and the few times I even asked to try it... get this... they said NO!  They didn't want the "responsibility" of "corrupting" me.  I still, to this day, can't understand that... other than to really thank them in my heart. I can remember several instances when I was pushed out of a house because there was going to be some bong sharing... and other times when the room would empty while I was watching a movie so that my friends could go out and get high, without bringing me into it.

I think that makes them pretty special in my book... even if they weren't smart for themselves.

So... needless to say, I don't purely understand the "trippy" things that illicit drugs can do to you.  The strongest drug (again, legally prescribed) I have taken has been Vicodin.  And I hated it.  It made me sick.  It took the pain I had away (yay), but it almost wasn't worth the sick feeling I got from it.  I took as few as possible. 

Now, as I stated in this previous post, I've been taking steriods.  It's a 6-day treatment... I take 6 pills on day 1, 5 pills on day 2, 4 on day 3 and so on.  I'm just getting past day 4.   I can't wait to get past day 6!  It's really messing with me.   The doctor mentioned that I might get "cranky".  I wrote about that, in the aforementioned previous post. 

Well... I haven't gotten cranky.  No.  No cranky pants here...

I'm a puddle of tears instead.  I can't stop crying. It started last night... continued on into work this morning (sobbing tears!) and I'm still weepy this evening.  The oddest part about the whole thing is that I don't feel the "black doom" that I typically do when I get into my crying fits.  I don't feel a sadness in my heart... or a heaviness in my chest. I Just. Can't. Stop. Crying. 

So it has to be the drugs. 

And I don't like it.  Not one little bit.

No questions.  I get the picture.

(Apologies for my randomness until I get these drugs out of my system and can return to my regular posting topics...)


  1. It's the steroids, for sure. I've taken those things and they are haevy duty. They made me really hungry all the time too. They can work wonders though, so keep going! And be kind to yourself.

  2. When I was in grade school, we would have called that photo "psychedelic" and thought we were so cool saying it! Does that date me? I remember the ads well.

    As for the drugs - you are past the mid-point. Only a few days to go! Hang in there and let them do their thing. Cuddle with your kitties and tell your hubbie you need extra hugs. And here's a few from me {{{hugs}}}. And if you still need to cry, I have a shoulder available. Anytime.

  3. Definitely the steroids. I had them after an operation and while they are great for the anti inflammatory relief, they do affect you in so many ways. My problem was waking in the early hours and being WIDE awake and full of energy! Stick with it, once you reduce the dosage you'll be fine x

  4. Never saw that ad, clearly not a UK thing! I've never been on drugs myself, not even steroids - poor you, it sounds hard work. Thinking of you hun xx


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