May 13, 2010

I've Got An Answer...

One of my snarky comments for years when someone has said, "I've got a question..." has been to reply, "I've got an answer, let's hope they match."  Really...why say, "I've got a question", when you could just ASK the question?  It particularly irked me when someone in a classroom would hold up their hand, get called on, and then start speaking with, "I've got a question..."  Uh, hello?  Isn't that why your hand was in the air?

Sorry, but I digress.  Yes, I can be a little sarcastic... I'll try to curb that more.  It was one of my traits that my mom was never fond of.

I have seen the following "questions" on various blogs, most recently at Sian's.  It began at Copy+Paste, I discovered, at their weekend birthday party.  I liked the open ended statements and thought it was a fun little game, kind-of like Mad-Libs, so here are my "answers" (in bolded italics):
  1. Everyone knows that I work more than one job but you'd never guess that my secret desire is to quit them all to write and publish several novels.
  2. I'm proud to admit that I like attending live theatre/live shows but my guilty pleasure is actually acting IN, or participating behind the scenes of, them.
  3. I'm inspired by nature and it surprises me when other people don’t see the things outside that I see automatically.
  4. I'm always late but I'm never a no-show.
  5. I've got lots of emotional baggage but I've always wanted to be a free spirit.
  6. I tried to be a mom, instead of a stepmom and it broke my heart.
  7. If I never lose all the weight I want to it will be disappointing but I’ll be okay.
  8. I didn't continue to be the “me” I discovered and loved during college after I graduated and now I’m having a very hard time finding her again.
  9. It's not that I don’t like a clean house but I'd really rather watch a movie, scrapbook or sleep.
  10. Doing jumping jacks makes me very bouncy.
  11. Someone once told me I was her kindred spirit and then she never spoke to me again. Ow.
  12. I'm happy to say that I’m turning 40 on Monday and even though I was depressed about it months ago, I’m looking forward to a “fresh, new” decade now.
That was fun.  I might have to have my kids and The Hubs answer these... it's good scrapbooking fodder.

KUDOS go out to Cheri, for winning the SFTIO blog hop giveaway.  Cheri, ENJOY that kit full of paper & embellie goodness!  Let me know what you think when you receive it!

Yes, yes... the photo of the red hair is coming soon. I  promise!


  1. This is so fab! I love your idea of getting the rest of the family to do this and then scrapbooking the result :-) Great answers, thanks for sharing xx

  2. At some point I need to sit down and answer those questions! Looks like fun.

  3. Hey! I turned 40 last month...its not so bad! PS...I TAGGED you on my blog!

  4. These are really, really good answers. I like them a lot :)

    Forty? You go for it!! And always'll never be as young as you are now, so enjoy it (I read that recently and thought it was good!)


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