May 25, 2010

Another Big Day...and A Question

So my big 4-0 came and went, and now on the horizon is another big date.  My husband's and my 10-year wedding anniversary.  It's a week away and I have made little to no plans...

So a quick question:

What should I do?

I'm looking for any and all ideas here.  I've thought about taking him out to a movie and dinner... YAWN... I looked up the "traditional" gifts... it's tin and sapphires.  I have some ideas on each, but I'm interested in more suggestions... please... romatic, inexpensive ideas are super welcome... pricey ideas, eh... not so much at this time.  Keep in mind that he doesn't really like crowds of people, and he doesn't like picnics.  *sigh*

I turn it over to you, then... help me... dish!


  1. I used to do very simple things - like a special breakfast. I would buy two red heart shaped place-mats, set a nice table setting, use wine glasses for orange juice. Just make it sweet & romantic, but other than a few reusable "props" - no cost involved. And french toast is so easy!

  2. Congratulations :-) What fun! Well, the first thought that came to mind when you said 'tin' was to fill a tin with little goodies or love notes or vouchers redeemable for special treats... I love the idea of making a simple meal very special, too :-)


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