May 10, 2010

Back to the Garden (Born Too Late)...

Wow.  What a weekend!  I was busy from the time I left work until I fell into bed on Sunday night.  I'll skip the boring work stuff and go straight to the fun-times.

The biggest event that ocurred this weekend was that the Boy turned 21 on Mother's Day.  Does make him the Man?  Nah... he's so NOT the Man yet.  He's still my Boy.  He still looks about 15 years old, so he'll be carded any time he goes out for a loooooong time coming.  Someday he'll enjoy it, I'm sure!  The culmination of his birthday was a fun outing to one of MY favorite places of all time, local to central Ohio (and Kentucky, actually) - Shadowbox Cabaret.  Shadowbox is a rock-n-roll/comedy-skit entertainment venue.  Every time I go, I find a little piece of my heaven (as I am a long-running drama/live-theatre "geek")... and this time was no different.

Shadowbox had a weekly show that they put on with a lot of music and comedy skits... it's a great Friday or Saturday night outing, and it never disappoints.  In addition, they put on a full-blown musical once (or so) a year.  In the past I've seen The Who's Tommy and The Rocky Horror Show... but this year they created their own show. 

It. Was. Awesome.

It was called "Back to the Garden" and is a loosely-based-on-fact story about Woodstock. 

Can I just say it again?

It. Was. Awesome!  This was my "era" that I missed.  I am a very "peace, love & happiness" type person.  Although I disagree with how the troops were treated in this era, I think we learned a lot from that mistake in general... and I LOVE the music of the time!

One of the greatest things about Shadowbox is that their performers are also the wait staff.  So before the show, they are running around in costume interacting with the audience and getting food and drinks.  Then at intermission they check back with you for any other items, and at the end they deliver and collect the bills.  They can be crass and funny and are just so entertaining.  Coming from a drama/theatre background, I LOVE this... and give back as well as I take it from them.

Needless to say, I set up a few "moments" for the Boy... including announcing his birthday at the beginning, and then at intermission delivering a cake with the staff/actors singing to him.  He also got a shot (of alcohol) and a souvenir shot glass.  It was a blast and I think the Boy really enjoyed himself too.  He had never been there so I'm glad he did... I love to make sure there are good memories for big events (like a 21st birthday).

Here's one of the scenes/songs from the show.  The guy in the very beginning, talking, is actually the person who wrote the whole thing.  The trio of guys who sing the main parts... the one in the back (tallest dude) was our waiter.  He was super-fun, and very talented!  Jerrod rocked! 

If you can't see the video, you can learn more on their website.  According to their site, Country Joe actually came to see the show... three times... and hung out afterward to give a little impromptu concert.  They have that video on their site too.  If you ever make it to the area, look me up and we'll go!  It's a blast!

Oh, and the fun thing I did for myself?  I put very bright (very!) red highlights in my hair.  Oh, the reactions I am getting!! 


  1. Glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration with the Boy. Now let's see a photo of that hair!

  2. yeah I want to see the hair too...I want to go see that play..Do they travel all over? Will watch for them in made the boy feel special I am sure..glad you had a good needed that..xoxo

  3. I want to see the hair too. Glad you all had a special time. I remember those songs but maybe I shouldn't admit to that, dates me! I started going out when we had dance halls, way before discos. Our house band was called the Shadettes and later went to the States with a new name - Nazareth. They were terrific. We'll watch out for the red hair pic!


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