May 12, 2010


What's in a number?  Let's see, shall we...

52010 = May 2010. A month (plus a day) where some major events are...

01 - the day this month that my BFF from high school turned 40.  Her excitement at this was astounding to me.  And contagious.  Thank you W!
08 - the day I went from (mostly natural) blonde to (unnaturally bright) redhead... and my 2nd-youngest niece's 18th birthday.
21 -  how old my son ... my middle child... turned this past Sunday (Mother's Day).
40 - the number of years I have lived as of 5/17/2010.
15 - the anniversary of the number of years I have been employed at my "day job" (5/26/2010).  Never thought I'd hit that anniversary.  After all,  I'm a Gen X'er.  We were supposed to be the job-hopping generation!
10 - the length of time I will be married to The Hubs (6/1/2010).

All of these pretty major events in a month's time (plus a day).  Crazy!

I wonder if I should go play the lottery.  What about you?  Any big numbers appearing in your life?


  1. Happy Birthday a few days early! All I can tell you is the 40's are interesting...

  2. Having another go at commenting! Come on Blogger...

    I love numbers :-) Must give some thought to my own special numbers! Happy (early) birthday from me too xx

  3. P.S. Still waiting for that photo of the new hair color!


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