May 18, 2010

Tag, I'm it! Noo.... YOU'RE IT!

I loved tag as a child… I really enjoyed the chase, and the “win” of tagging someone. I especially loved freeze tag. Having a rather large front yard while growing up, this was the BEST place in the world for those kinds of running games. I grew up in an awesome house. Man, do I miss that house.

But I digress.

In the cyber world, there is a new kind of tag. Typically, it involved someone “tagging” you in a photo or on their blog. And guess what? I’ve been tagged. My turn. Beware… be …ware…. Because you may be next, my friend. You may be next.

Anyway, first things first. I must answer 10 questions from Felecia’s blog AND 10 questions from Cheri's blog.  That's right, I've been double-tagged...check their answers out to the different questions they were tagged with. After I answer those questions, I have to tag others with MY questions to them. Muahahhahaahahhhaaaaa…

Well, here goes, you're about to learn a lot about me. 
Felecia's questions first:

1 - What MUST you wear for your weekend-kicking-around-clothes? Most of the time sweat pants and a tee-shirt, depending on the season. That’s pretty much it. I’m a sloppy-clothes gal. Summer time will see a pair of elastic-waist shorts and a tee-shirt. As long as it’s non-restrictive and light-weight, I’m all good.
2 - What is your “quote” for life? I love quotes, so I have many. The one that has been with me longest is “It’s never too late to be who you might have been” by George Eliot . I also enjoy “…and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin And the one at the top of my blog is very dear to my heart as well.
3 - If you knew your next meal would be your last, what would you eat? Probably a perfectly cooked trimmed Delmontico steak (medium), with wine-and-butter sautéed mushrooms and any sort of potato on the side… probably baked, with butter, sour cream, chives and cheddar cheese, with crab legs (yum!), freshly baked dense-with-crusty-crust bread and real butter, fresh green beans and sugar snap peas sautéed with olive oil, parmesan cheese and seasoning… hmmm… with ice cream as dessert. And a nice glass of my favorite Redcat wine (thanks Dad!) on the side… and water, lots and lots of ice water. Ugh, I’d never fit all that in my tummy, but man does it sound good!!
4 - What do you think is the greatest invention of our time? Personal (home) computers with an easy interface made popular by Apple and the Macintosh 128K. The interface, in my opinion, was then “stolen” and adapted for Microsoft in the form of Windows. Soon after the PC or Mac, the next greatest invention was the internet. This started for me in 1988 when I discovered that computers in colleges all over were connected up so I could talk to people miles and miles and miles and oceans away. One of my first internet friends was in Australia! What a cool concept. Soon after that came “Relay” and multi-user chat interface that allowed people to go into “cyber rooms” and talk with one another “real-time” as a group or privately. This morphed into IRC or Internet Relay Chat after I stopped using it. Then came MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes and MOOs. All cyber text-based games. This opened up all kinds of avenues to the computer games today. Yes… the personal computer, circa 1980’s. I absolutely think this is the greatest invention of all time (as I sit here writing this on my laptop while still in bed).
5 - You have one day of uninterrupted time alone. What will you do? Well, what I will do and what I intend to do are two different things, I have discovered. Having had a day of blissfully uninterrupted time yesterday, my intention was to scrapbook all day. What I did do was lay in bed most of the day napping on and off. Eventually I went down to my scrapbook space and started cleaning it up (a tornado hit it… really, a real life tornado came into my house and tore through ONLY my scrapbook room). It’s after noon today on my 2nd day of uninterrupted time, and I’m still in bed again. And it feels pretty darn good!
6 - The beach, the mountains, the desert, the farm country – all are just 30 minutes from you. Which way will you go? Why? The mountains, as long as there is a body of fresh water in the vicinity. I am a nature girl, and I love trees and green and water… fresh water. For some reason, I’m not a fan of the beach even though I love the concept, because it’s near so much water, but I’m not a fan of sand or salt-water. I love fresh water and forest and wildlife. Yep, the mountains… not to climb, but to be so enmeshed in the green nature.
7 - This one’s important, now: Coke or Pepsi? Coke! Coke Zero, specifically.  But as an every day, all the time drink?  Water.  I love water!
8 - What do you think it would be super fun to dress up as for a costume party or Halloween? Y’know, I’ve always wanted to go to a “costume ball” where people don’t dress up as a ‘thing’ or a ‘person’, but just deck out in all kinds of fancy clothes (period pieces) with hair and make-up and hand-held masks. I once read a period novel and they had one of these balls, and the woman dressed up as “night”. I would love to do that… dress up as something that intangible. Night. I would dress up as night.
9 - What absolutely, positively HAS to be on your i-pod (or radio, or mp3 or CD player, or whatever)? Variety. That was a cheesy answer. Okay, uhm, 80’s music. I love my 80’s music. I also love the Beatles, so that’s a must. Hmmmm… honestly, I can’t narrow it down to one song or artist or whatnot. Yep, variety.
10 - Its sports day at school….who’s Jersey are you wearing? Ugh… sports? I don’t watch it. Not ever, not no-how. I actually have anger issues when it comes to football season. However, if you’re going to push me, I grew up near the Buffalo, NY area so Buffalo Bills was the ‘thing’ to wear. Now I’m married to a man who is die-hard Raiders fan, so the last sporting event I went to (a Bills vs. Raiders game in 1998), I wore a Buffalo Bills shirt with a Raiders bandana in my hair. Switzerland, that’s me. Ugh to sport!

And Cheri's questions next:

1. What is your happy color? Green. And blue. Except in clothing, I’m most comfortable and happy wearing black.
2. What one product could you live without but wouldn't want to? Sugar.
3. What is your guilty pleasure? That’s a toughie. I don’t have anything, really, that I deny myself (although I should). Probably kettle cooked potato chips. I know any time I buy them, I can’t resist them, like I can regular chips.  So I rarely buy them.
4. If you could travel anyplace in the world, where would you want to go and why? Ireland or Australia. I don’t know why, really. They just call to me…
5. Favorite t.v. show? Lost. But that’s almost over now. Boo hoo!! House would probably be next.
6. You have 24 hours of free time with no expectations, no work, no cleaning, no fixing meals, just free time. How will you spend it? Just as I did yesterday and am doing today… mostly in bed, on my laptop, watching movies and TV and napping on and off with a little scrapbooking on the side.
7. You are being given the gift of one super-power (think cartoon characters - flying, xray vision, super strength, etc.). What super-power do you choose and why? I will choose Samantha’s ability (from Bewitched) to speed myself up while time stays the same, so I can get all that housecleaning I want done in no time at all! I would SO love that, so I could spend the rest of the “real time” on things I want and like to do, rather than dreading and dragging my feet on the things that “need” to be done. Is that cheesy? I would only use it on things I didn’t like to do so I could get them done and out of the way faster.
8. Favorite quote? (I collect quotes, so this one is important!) See my answer above in Felecia’s Qs. Although I’ll add two here that are in my email signature that I didn’t include above: "You must be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." ~ Jim Rohn
9. Describe one of your funniest/silliest/most embarassing moments? Heh. This one is for the books. Right out of college I was working for the county legislature. I detested every moment of that job. I’m not political so this was so not the job for me. I hate dressing up. I hate dealing with people who are angry. I hate “politics” both in office and office politics. Anyway, we had one of the legislature meetings and one of the items on the agenda was gun control. Naturally, the NRA came out in force. We could only have 100 or so people in the legislature chambers so the rest of the NRA and others opposed to the gun control law were milling about in the hallway… and the hallway on the floor below… and the floor below that (it was an open design, so even though we were on the fourth (top) floor, you could see all the way down to the first floor in the center of the building). Needless to say, there were a lot of people. Of course, before going into the meeting, I decided I’d better use the restroom. So I did… finished up, and came back out. I had to get the attention of the people in the hall so I stepped up on a chair and shouted in my loudest “military voice” (as my husband puts it) and said my piece. Then I stepped down and headed down the hall to the legislature when Eli, one of the security guards, called me over. He, very haltingly, told me that my skirt was tucked up in the waist of my panty-hose on my backside. And my bright pink undies were out there for ALL TO SEE! I wanted to die! It was the worst, most embarrassing moment of my life. And Eli flirted with me for months after that. My face still gets hot thinking about it.  *sigh*
10. Optimist or Pessimist? Be honest. Realist. I like to think I can honestly see both sides of things without putting a spin on it to be positive or negative. Some things in life are naturally positive. Some things are naturally negative. It doesn’t hurt to see it for what it is. At least, that’s my take. Although I do try (now, not when I was younger) to find the brighter side of any negative situation - so maybe I'm leaning toward optimist these days.

Now the rules of this tag game says to pick 7 bloggers to answer 10 questions I create. So, here you go, TAG, YOU’RE IT: Go forth and answer these questions and continue the game (if you so wish) by tagging others with your questions.

Here are the bloggers I’m tagging, just because I love ya!

Christina (wake up!), Cheri, Mel, (Cheri and Mel, you don't have to tag anyone else since you've already been tagged in this little game), Anna (I can’t comment on your blog, Anna, I’ve tried repeatedly… please fix or give me an email so I can speak my piece! :), Paige, Hazel, and Diana.

And my questions to you:

1 - What’s in your garden, and if nothing, why not?
2 – What’s your favorite retro era and why?
3 – What’s your favorite thing to do for pure entertainment (e.g. see the Opera, movies, have some beer at a pub with your friends, etc.)
4 – Do you have pets? If yes, what kind and why do you have them? If no, why not?
5 – You have a secret. Does it eat at you and you have a hard time keeping it in, or does it settle well and it’s safe with you forever?
6 – If you could have professional help in any way, what would it be (e.g. professional landscapers, professional cleaning crew, professional chef, etc.) and why?
7 – What one actor or actress, still alive, would you want to have a private dinner with and why?
8 – You are behind a locked door, perfectly safe for as long as you need to be. Something on the other side of the door gives you a weird feeling… a little scary, a little exciting… makes the hair on your skin stand on end, you don’t know if it’s good or bad. Would you open the door and confront it, or would you stay behind the door forever? (Deep one, huh?)
9 – If you could go back in your past and change one single thing within your power to change, what would it be?
10 – What’s your favorite dessert? Please, be descriptive.  :)  I have a sweet tooth today.

Ready? Set. Go! Answer and tag 7 people (if you so choose) and leave a comment here, please, so we can find your answers.

I’m off to shower and scrapbook. I’ll be back tomorrow (or earlier) with more fun details on my birthday weekend!!


  1. Your most embarrassing moment is CLASSIC!!! I thought you were going to say "toilet paper off the back of my skirt" but the hot pink panties are WAY BETTER! :-) Love the last meal...but you will definitely need some me...I'll make myself available!

  2. I LOVE your masquerade ball idea!! Can I please go with you instead of dressing up as a superhero?! I'll be "Water."

  3. I'm so pleased Cheri tagged you, I wanted to but I already had 10 people on my list and it was getting a bit out of hand! Your answers are fab, and I like your questions too - I shall get thinking...

  4. Kai - I LOVE your answers - I totally agree with you on the last meal, except the wine part. And I'd have something totally decadent for dessert - hot fudge brownie sundae maybe. And the hot pink panties - priceless! And you really have no need to cringe - at least you were in style and not wearing granny greys! ;)

  5. what great questions and answers!!

  6. Loved reading your answers. If I can't have the housekeeper, then I'll have your super-power.


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