May 17, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Well, it's my birthday too, now.  Happy Birthday to my "twin" sister.  I was born on her 7th birthday, so today is every much her celebration as it is mine.

Just a few pictures to share some of the things that went on this weekend.  I'm pretty tuckered, so I'll be back, of course, to elaborate.  Until then, here's just a few things from my most awesome birthday celebrations, and more, this weekend:

I've got more festivities yet to come... so stay tuned for more of the story!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Kai!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kai - welcome to the 40's!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kai! This is the start to what I predict to be an AWESOME year!

  4. Many happy returns to you and your sister! :-)


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