October 27, 2010

Tears, tears, tears...

I'm a cryer. Or is it crier? Well, regardless of the proper spelling, I cry at the drop of a hat.  I try to suck it back in, and actually have gotten really adept at keeping tears from falling.  But sometimes, it just happens.  I cry when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm angry, when I'm frustrated, and when I'm tired.  I cry for no reason.  I cry when others cry.  I cry when I read sad plotlines in a fictional book!  I've also been known to cry at a really good Hallmark commercial.  Yes... I'm that bad.  But before you think I'm a walking wet tissue, please know that I am not crying ALL of the time.  But it's weird things that can set me off.

And, of course, I cry at movies...

Movie scenes that make me cry... every time... no matter how many times I have seen it:


Oh, boy... the last half hour is killer!


No way can I get to the end of this movie without heart wrenching tears.


Okay, I know a lot of people who lose it when Jack sinks ... but what really gets me is the very end when Old Rose is laying in bed (dead?) and the camera pans across all of the photos... and you just realize how very much she lived up to her promise to Jack and even though she married and had kids... she had Jack in her heart the entire time.  It gets me *right there* that she lived all of that without her first true love (only true love?). 


This was a disturbing movie for me on so many levels.  To begin with, I watched it soon after losing my mother to cancer.  Suffice it to say that I have watched it only once.  I started crying about 20 minutes into it and couldn't stop.  I had to finally excuse myself from the room.  I did make myself watch the ending later, but I honestly have yet to watch it again. 


Yes, I tear up at Neil's suicide, but what really chokes me up is the O Captain, My Captain display at the end.  *sob*  Oh, and I just figured out this year that Neil is now Wilson from House when I did a "whatever happened to him" web search.  Doh!


Okay, I did mention I can cry at anything, right?  Okay, one scene in this movie makes me cry EVERY time.  The scene when Baby confronts her dad and says, "but if you love me, you have to love all of me" and they're both choking back tears.  Kills me!  Most Dad/daughter moments do.  I had to stop dancing with my own dad on my wedding night because I didn't want to start bawling!

There are so, so many more, but I will spare you and not continue on ad nauseum.  I cry at book plots too.  Even obvious "fluff" books like romance smut!  Try to explain that when you're on a bus or in your office on break... "why are you crying??"  *sniff* "it's just a really good book!"  *wipes eyes*  I won't even mention the looks and comments I get when one of my own family surprises me during a teary moment in a book!

All this to just beg of you, please, someone out there... tell me I'm not alone?


  1. You are so not alone! I thought I was, though. It's good to cry. I started crying at commercials after my first son was born. But I cry during romance novels, too. I could go on and on, but just know that someone out here cries at the same things you do!

  2. Definitely not alone, I have yet to find a slightly emotional scene in anything, book, movie, poem, TV ad that doesn't send me straight for the tissues :)

    In fact most of your examples I have sobbed through too chkl

  3. I'm a cryer too! And sometimes it is something really silly that starts it off. I only have to hear the first bars of the wedding march and my eyes fill up. Watching nativity plays or hearing children singing carols do it for me too. Sometimes a fleeting memory will cross my mind and I have to concentrate hard to keep the tears at bay. I'm hoping it is a good sign that we are not scared to show our emotions!

  4. Oh yeah. My kids laugh at me because I cry at almost every movie on t.v. But hey, it's who I am I tell them - at least I don't have a heart of stone!

    During the time when my Mom was dying from cancer, the song "In the Arms of The Angel" was popular on the radio. I used to hear it every time I drove up to Elmira to visit her. I still cry when I hear that one.

  5. I cried at this post. You're not alone!!

  6. I cry at songs that make me think of something or have emotional meaning to me. I have been known to cry over TV shows and books as well. Heck, I'll even cry when I get a good present (I may or may not have cried over getting my organge blender). I used to never cry at movies though. I could never be as invested in the characters as I was in a book or a TV show. As I have gotten older though, I have cried at a few, mostly father/daughter meaningful moments. I cried at Toy Story 3. That is the first movie I cried at in a theater. You are not alone! :)


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